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To the editor,

In response to "Write back at you," Jan 18, and a letter writing campaign to portray good points about our county, would it not be more productive to look at our character flaws or whatever the gist of the MoneySense article was? Then write suggestions to ourselves for improvement.

I'm sorry I missed the article. I wonder did the paper mention that the Government of Canada divided one of our communities according to race and determined one race deserves respect and all others are unworthy even of recognition as suffering human beings? Did the paper mention we have a police force that can refuse to investigate allegations of government abuse? Did it mention that a citizen can protest on the street for five years asking no more than equal rights for all Canadians and be still standing along at the end with no government support or even notable reaction? Did the article mention that in this country you can be robbed and have your property destroyed before 40 or 50 eyewitnesses and the Crown refuses to prosecute because the bully thief was an elite member of our society? Did it mention that a man got so frustrated with the powers that be in this county that he put his freedom on the line and attempted to discourage people from voting and disrupted our democratic elections several times? Was there any mention that one man dragged our flag the length of the Canada Day parade and still no one cared why or took steps to have an investigation into what would solve the issues behind such a dastardly deed.

I just don't think pretty pictures and talk of our nice beaches is the best way to focus our attention for a better place to live in the future. For the love of God, don't mention our beautiful Lighthouse Beach in Pictou Landing, a part of our culture for centuries that was lost to pollution since the 1960s, along with Boat Harbour

Alexander MacKenzie

Pictou Landing

Geographic location: Canada, Lighthouse Beach, Pictou

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