Protests, blockades – send the First Nations the bill

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To the editor,

Since First Nations are not paying taxes to support the police (among every other governing service or assistance), yet their actions warrant attention of the police to waste their time lolly-gagging around these protests, tally and send the bill to the First Nations and see how fast First Nations come up with the money.

These protests are not being held on First Nations land claims where apparently Canadian Police forces have no jurisdiction,  they are being held on Canada's taxpayers' land!

If Canadian taxpayers went on First Nations reserves and started trashing the First Nations land and blockading them from maintaining their upkeep, I have no doubt that the First Nations would be seeking restitution from the Canadian government.

As far as the Canadian police go (federal or provincial) taxpayers are paying police to do their job yet police are veering away from doing their job when it comes to these Idle No More protests, blockades and desecration of the Sir John A. monument in Kingston etc.

So what exactly are taxpayers paying the police for, to sit around and eat doughnuts yet again?

Solutions could include pay cuts to uncooperative police forces or fire them and recruit police that at least have the capacity to understand what they are being paid for.

David Jeffrey Spetch

Hamilton, Ont.

Organizations: Since First Nations, Canadian Police

Geographic location: Canada, Kingston

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Recent comments

  • David jeffrey Spetch
    January 24, 2013 - 19:25

    Thank you J.W. and a very well said yourself. There is much more I could get into on this topic but I suppose that it wouldn't be appropriate to open up more cans of worms under the subject of this article. / David

  • Civic Duty
    January 24, 2013 - 18:06

    ...perhaps we should all remember that we still have CHARTER RIGHTS and FREEDOMS in Canada...All Canadians have the RIGHT to peaceful protests - The Right to Civil Disobediance - so kudos to the fine Canadian Police for upholding what is legal - and in fact, If a government decides to strip environmental laws that protect the public safety to allow more pollution, and cut off Employment insurance benefits to seasonal workers who play a vital role in our economy, and cut the staff at Veterans Affairs, and then make special deals with companies to bring in foreign workers, and such other things - then perhaps it becomes a CIVIC DUTY to shut down such a "rogue government" --Hey!!! - that's what Harper did!!! - but the First Nations land stands in the way of many resources - get the message !!

    • David Jeffrey Spetch
      David Jeffrey Spetch
      January 26, 2013 - 21:58

      Member Civic Duty, the police turn their back to the desecration of the statue in Kingston of Sir John A Macdonald by Idle No More Protesters. The Police turn their backs to blockades which obstructs Canada's highways etc. which obviously slows economic growth and put's tax payers lives on hold and you give them Kudos for what?! People have the right to civil disobedience, and we have laws for those who cross the limitations of what Canadian society is willing to accept. Then we have police not doing what they are being paid to do when people of the First Nations cross those lines! Then we have people like you giving them kudos while attempting to claim they uphold what is legal and expect to be taken serious? If it's about protecting resources then First nations have their reserves to live on and chief themselves so why, being that they wanted nothing to do with a tax based democratic governing system in the first place hence the land claim treaties coming to be, if this is about protecting resources on First Nations Land are they trying to demand tax dollars from the Canadian Government to fund their education systems, house them, to fund their basic needs etc.? If you feel that it is First nations duty to Crash the Harper Government, then why aren't you encouraging them to become a part of the Canadian tax based democratic governing system by giving up land claims, paying taxes and having elected officials from newly formed constituencies represent them and effect change within our Democratic governing system? You're certainly not pulling the wool over my eyes member Civic Duty. Get the message! / David

  • j.w.
    January 24, 2013 - 13:30

    Well said Mr.Spetch,if a bunch non First Nations peoples tried to set up a blockage they would be thrown in jail so fast it would make your head spin.It seems like most police forces don't want any confrontation while they are on the job; i think they should look for a new profession or start doing the job we pay them for. fed up in the maritimes

    • David Jeffrey Spetch
      David Jeffrey Spetch
      January 24, 2013 - 17:55

      Yeah there is a word for that J.W. it's called discrimination (discriminating those who pay you while giving those who don't a free ride) and well said J.W. also, for those giving up their diamond Jubilee Medals I say "if you support making Canadian tax payers 1st Nations slaves then give back your Diamond Jubilee Medal" Why is it so hard for the people of 1st Nations to accept how a tax based governing system works when the First Nations do not contribute taxes to Ottawa yet attempt to demand money from Ottawa because First and Six nations people are suffering. They suffer now because their ancestors wanted nothing to do witch tax based governing in the first place and they fell behind because of that. Now all of these generations later they expect Canadian governing services at tax payers expense while expecting land claims to remain valid?! If they want assistance from the Canadian tax based governing system that's fine but first give up your land claims and start paying taxes like every other Canadian citizen and lets grow strong together as a country! / David