Glad for Michelin help, but what about Maritime Steel?

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To the editor,

 It is very good to hear the news and know that Michelin is doing a $73-million plant expansion in Waterville. It will not only bring 50 more jobs to Nova Scotia over the next five years it will also bring spinoff jobs to the rest of the province. As well it might mean an increase in production at the Granton plant here in Pictou County.

But it leaves me with a big question mark. If the Dexter government can invest $8.9 million of our tax dollars with Michelin that more or less said that they were doing the expansion on their own because of the demand for the extra wide truck tires. Why, and I ask the question again, why cannot the Dexter government help out Maritime Steel that can put 50 men back to work? For they  have the orders on the books but not the working capital to work with. But now I understand that they will give Maritime Steel $16,000 to work out a business plan. To me this is just a stalling tactic.

I  have  always had the understanding that when a person is voted into office they are there to help out the people and the businesses in their riding. 

So Mr. Landry, where are you and what are you doing to help out the men who work at Maritime Steel? I think it is time that we heard from you and not by the way of a picture op. Thank you and have a great day.

Loyd Murray

New Glasgow

Organizations: Maritime Steel

Geographic location: Waterville, Nova Scotia, Pictou County.But

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Recent comments

  • Johnny smoke
    January 24, 2013 - 08:28

    I agree Lloyd lots of tax money going else where in the province, I guess the government with it's multi million dollar losing stake in Dawoo figures that is enough for this end of the province. I notice however that in this paper there is no shortage of adds by our esteemed M.L.A.'s reminding us to buy local, and to contact them is you have any problems, any problems at all. Well maybe it is time for the laid off employees of Maritime Steel to take a page out of the First Nation's playbook and boycott the offices of these fine up standing gentlemen. How about a sit in until the aid required is forth coming? You can be sure that if this operation was a profitable concern, the town, the province, and the feds would all be lining up with their tax bills in hand looking for their share. Now it is time for all of them to make this operation a reality, adds in newspapers will not cut it, it is very insulting to the taxpayers to have to pay for the M.L.A.'s self endorsement especially when all that they do is to play lip service, well here is some more lip service, get off your butts and get this place up and working or suffer the consequence next election. That my friends is no threat, that is a promise. Keep up the good work Lloyd.