Change needed: PCHA food review nears end

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To the editor,

The time for the 28-day food assessment at the Northumberland Veterans Wing is nearing a close. It will be interesting to see what the decision will be and if there will be change.

The veterans have been asked to write their comments on the food. This is not an easy task for these dear men considering their senior years as well as the fact that some have cognitive issues. This is like having a five-year-old write a high school composition. Is not a picture worth a thousand words! It is a far better way to take a look at the trays after the meal and see what was not consumed. All we are asking is give our veterans a little bit of compassion and respect.

The frozen food being shipped in from who knows where is not the way of saving money as it is is being done at the expense of those who need good nutrition. I hope and pray a decision will be made to go back to “real food,” unprocessed home cooked meals for our dear veterans as well as those in hospital care.

People need unprocessed meat (not pressed meat) as well as fresh fruit and vegetables. Do you not think our veterans would enjoy a baked apple with some cinnamon, a bowl of sliced bananas with milk and a sprinkle of sugar, some old fashion bread pudding, a clementine or some grapes rather than a desert that is too sweet. I know I would prefer this!

The Northumberland Veterans Unit is “home” to 20 dear men and they deserve better. Everyone in the care of the PCHA deserves to eat better.

There needs to be change!

Brenda Sterling-Goodwin

New Glasgow

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