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To the editor,

Two weeks ago a petition was started to urge the government to fund insulin pumps for children. To date there are 3,871 signatures. When milestones are reached or someone comments all the NDP MLAs receive an email as well as the heads of the other parties. More than 2,000 emails were sent and my hope is that our elected officials are receiving them and not blocking them, especially since the government is stating they are listening to the people.  

The government needs to realize that funding pumps will be a cost saving measure. Here are few comments the petition has generated.

“I also live in one of the few remaining provinces that don’t provide funding – and despite having an excellent benefit plan, we are not covered for more than the most basic access to treatment for our daughter’s lifelong chronic illness.  Something is terribly flawed when government health care will provide millions of dollars toward treatments of severe outcomes if the disease if not controlled (amputations, vision loss, heart failure, stroke) but won’t put a dime towards the most effective preventative treatment option – insulin pumps.”

A comment from an educator:

“I am a teacher and have had several children in my class over the past few years that have had childhood diabetes. I see how hard it is to keep their blood sugar under control, how it affects their life… their school work, their activities and their mental/emotional state. I have also had a student whose parents have been able to get an insulin pump for their child through their medical insurance and because of their higher income.  I see the huge difference it makes in the functioning of this child. The student’s life is more “normal” and allows him to have a childhood freer from health and emotional concerns. In the long run it will give them better health all round and will put less stress on the N.S. medical system. Look long term… PLEASE support funding for insulin pumps.”

A comment from a health care provider:

“I have worked in haemodialysis for many years and well over half of our patients had renal failure as a result of years of uncontrolled blood sugars. The math is quite simple... if it kept at least 10 per cent of those patients healthy and off dialysis, it would be a tremendous return on money invested in insulin pumps.  Not to mention quality of life for the people involved.”

Insulin pump for children and all Type 1 diabetics should be covered by our elected government. I realize diabetes does not stop at 18 however coverage has to start somewhere. If you vote and pay taxes then each person counts and has a say. Please sign this petition and forward to all your contacts asking them to do the same.

Tammy MacLaren, New Glasgow

Voter, taxpayer and MOM

Organizations: En-CA

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Recent comments

  • Josie England
    February 18, 2013 - 22:06

    I am a retired nurse and Gandmother of two nine year old granddaughters who were diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at ages 5 and 6 years. From my career experiences I am certainly well aware of all the complications that come along with Diabetes in the early stages as well as further along in life. Many of these complications could have been prevented or at least lessened with closer monitoring and action. Since there is sophisticated equipment like the insulin pump available, it sure seems to me that "an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure". My grandchildren are lucky enough to have pumps and both say they make them feel better and are able to interpret the readings and are becoming more independent with their care. Even the basic supplies for diabetic patients are very expensive, however the pumps are prohibitive without insurance coverage. In order to reduce complications along the way.....PLEASE put more dollars in the Insulin Pump Pot and I am sure better health for diabetic patients will pay off in Health Care Dollars in the future.