Peter MacKay and Tories blind to F-35 fiasco

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To the editor,

The fiscal incompetence and complete mismanagement of Canada’s largest military procurement since the Second World War has now been fully exposed. MP Peter MacKay and the Conservative Party need to be held accountable for their total mishandling of the F-35.

Two years ago they told Canadians that the government would replace our aging fleet of CF-18s with a sole-sourced contract for F-35s for only $9 billion – now thanks to an audit from KPMG we know the true cost of the F-35s will exceed $46 billion. The government said the F-35 was the only plane that could meet our needs – now they admit that other planes could. They always maintained that considering other options was irresponsible and they sole-sourced the contract – now they are looking at other planes. They said there was a contract – now they don’t.

This is how an incompetent government turns a $13 billion Liberal surplus in 2006 into a $142 billion accumulated Conservative deficit by 2012.

The government lied, stonewalled, broke all the rules of procurement, evaded every safeguard, and attacked the credibility and patriotism of all those who dared challenge it. It asked voters to re-elect it using fraudulent numbers.

MacKay needs to stop the cheerleading and start asking serious questions about how the government is spending your hard-earned tax dollars. He can’t serve his constituents with blinders on.

John McKay, MP

Liberal Party of Canada Defence Critic

Organizations: Conservative Party, KPMG, Liberal Party of Canada Defence Critic

Geographic location: Canada

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Recent comments

  • The Shadow
    January 02, 2013 - 09:16

    Who exactly got Canada into the F 35 development project in the first place? The very same party that Cancelled the EH 101 helicopters at 500 million, bought four mothballed Diesel powered subs for one billion dollars from the British. The liberals. The 42 billion dollar figure is the cost over 40 yrs not the purchase price on day one of 65 F35s . At a per hour operation cost of over 17000 dollars it is pretty easy to see what will happen over 40 years. I personally think that the figure is not accounting for 32 of the 65 crashing as we have history to teach us that a single engine Lockhead fighter will have half the purchase crash over decades IE the CF-104 Starfighter which Canada lost 100 of the 200 purchased. The big thing that the Conservative did wrong was trust the judgement of the prior liberals to be involved with the F 35.

  • Arlen W.
    December 29, 2012 - 15:44

    As usual, the Liberals have a very short term selective memory. The F-35 would cost $9 billion IF bough, the $46 billion could total that for the entire life of said planes IF ALL costs were totalled, to date. not ONE cent has been spent, not ONE contrat signed. Maybe if the Liberals didn't cancel the helicopters 20 years ago costing taxpayers $500 million in penalties, and Chretien didn't go buy 2 new Challenger jets for himself at a cost of $130 each because the perfectly good government jets weren't good enough for him. He talks about their magic "$13 billion surplus", how was that achieved? simply by gutting everything across the board by %25, taxing everything and body else to death and living of the fruits of the GST seeds that were planted that they vowed and ran on to cancel if elected, and then denied they ever said it. " Chrétien's Liberals campaigned in the 1993 election on the promise of renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), and eliminating the Goods and Services Tax (GST). Just after the writ was dropped for the election, they issued in the Red Book" *wiki*. The famed "$42 billion dollar deficit" they claim and much love to publically tout, was mostly their debt, $38.5 of it actually, Trudeaus's, add in $1 billion more from John Turner's year in power. Trudeau left Canada the biggest debt in history that we are still paying for! $206 billion!! Maybe Justin can pay that off for us? " The Trudeau years has been financial. Net federal debt in fiscal 1968, just before Trudeau became Prime Minister, was about $18 billion, or 26 per cent of gross domestic product; by his final year in office, it had ballooned to $206 billion—at 46 per cent of GDP, nearly twice as large relative to the economy. From fiscal 1976 to fiscal 1985: ten straight years in which the government ran not only an overall deficit, but an operating deficit. The overall deficit throughout this later phase never fell below 3 per cent of GDP; it averaged 5.6 per cent. In the final year of Liberal rule, 1984–85, total spending exceeded revenues by more than 50 per cent. The deficit that year, at $38.5 billion, was equal to nearly 9 per cent of GDP. Interest payments alone were now enough to consume nearly one-third of every revenue dollar. With interest costs compounding at a rate of 13 per cent per year, and the debt doubling every three or four years, that ratio could only grow." * I'd be here all night listed all the other lies, scandals, corruption, boondoggles, arrogance and entitlements.

  • Johnny smoke
    December 29, 2012 - 09:47

    Right on John and while you are on the subject why not explain how your party wasted $5 million cancelling the helicopter replacement contract, or is that not relevant ? Or how about explaining how your government spent over a billion on used sub and to this day are spending billions more just to keep them from sinking? I have no love for Peter MacKay, but I do hate hypocrites with a passion.