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To the editor,

I was born in 1976 at the Aberdeen Hospital. I left when I was old enough first for education, then for career, as so many my age have had to do, and still do. But I always figured I could come back. I always imagined once I'd built my resume and had my adventures I could come back and settle in my homeland. I know my parents and even grandparents would appreciate my presence, speaking from one demographic to another.

Now that I'm back, what have I come back to? There's very few meaningful paying jobs, still no transit system (what year is it again?), and houses are selling, two for a dollar. What is going on? Then I hear that New Glasgow, the once crown jewel of the county, was named the overall worst city in Canada two years in a row by MoneySense magazine!? I mean, who didn't lose their job the first time? I want to be proud of where I'm from.

I plead that our leaders hurry up and improve the situation, or we will lose all our 30-something sons and daughters to Halifax (ranked #4 BTW) or out west, and our parents and grandparents will be left to the mercy of slippery sidewalks, and leafy lawns, never mind foreign investors and imported workers.

Just look what other successful places are doing and do that. Get a bus system, underground parking downtown, have more seniors housing and factories, build something that is big and beautiful and famous, you know, common sense stuff for towns, but do it quick before there's no one left to do it.

Colin Grant

A concerned, born and raised citizen of Pictou County now looking for work elsewhere

Organizations: Aberdeen Hospital, MoneySense magazine, Halifax

Geographic location: Pictou County, New Glasgow, Canada

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Recent comments

  • ColinGrant
    January 23, 2013 - 14:58

    Ha ha. Good point Johnny Smoke. That's the problem isnt' it. It isn't lack of resources, it's distribution of resources. We can build extra rinks on one hand, but we can't afford to feed our veterans real food. Our leaders gotta get with it. And I'm a chef BTW, not a minimum wage line cook or barrista. I could have been feeding those veterans. Don't even get me going on that issue.

  • Just one guy who gives a damn
    January 23, 2013 - 14:57

    Well said Colin, maybe this will give those who have the opportunity to affect this county in a positive way will wake up and choose to do so. I believe each town has it's own strengths enough so that they should be able to stand on their own and help change this place for the better.

  • Johnny smoke
    January 23, 2013 - 08:00

    Hello Colin. Have you applied at the town hall for a position? Seems to me that there are plentiful opportunities available in that field. I mean what is a town without a director for this and and a director for that? There are so many bodies inhabiting this large brick building on Provost street, that a spiffy fire escape had to be built some years ago, and a standby generator added to the mix, to ensure that all the critical services i.e. tax collections were deemed to be safe and secure. Baring that I guess that your opportunities are limited. You forgot to mention your field of expertise. Hopefully it is not in metal casting or fabrication as you are too late, that area had been regrettably shut down by the very one's now soliciting ideas for jobs. Figure that one out if you can, I can't.