A shame people having to leave for jobs

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To the editor,

Johnny Smoke, your online comments are right on and funny. Keep them coming. Loyd Murray, your comments are right on as well. You are wondering where “here” is, as in “the jobs start here” sing-song. It’s wherever Peter MacKay can get a camera focused on himself. Truth told, there’s no jobs anywhere, but that is MacKay’s lullaby.

Remember the announcement for the $25 billion shipbuilding deal? He was in Halifax and made the announcement with such poise and dignity one could almost see the fleet of new ships sailing out of Halifax Harbour proudly flying the Canadian flag with throngs of people lining the shore singing O Canada. However it’s looking more like we’ll be left with Theodore Tugboat chugging around the harbour, flying the flag at half-mast with onlookers singing “Who’s sorry now.” Sorry for what? For electing Stephen Harper, Peter MacKay and Darrell Dexter. Also, let’s not forget that Dexter dropped $300 million on Irving to help refit the shipyard. It has already been announced that both the helicopter and ship deals will be reviewed.

People are leaving every day for Alberta, and who can blame them? The new EI rules have made it more difficult for laid-off workers to get benefits, and let’s not forget MacKay voted for that deal and tried to sell us the idea that it was a good one and he represents one of the most seasonal work areas in the east. I worked most of my working years in Pictou County and the jobs were all seasonal.

Some weeks ago I watched an interview on CBC that Peter Mansbridge did with Peter MacKay. Mansbridge asked him some tough questions and while MacKay did a lot of talking he in fact said nothing. Mansbridge asked if the government had ordered him to stop spending and he just shrugged his shoulders and answered, “not really.” So we don’t know where “here” is, nor what he meant by “not really.” So we’re very well informed, aren’t we?

Mr. Murray touched on the long lines at the food bank. I was driving in that area a few weeks ago on food bank day and the parking lot was full. I was surprised at the quality of the vehicles. There were no beaters among them and I was a little embarrassed driving by in my 1999 Honda. I also noticed a large number of people standing in the parking lot smoking. At the price of cigarettes and tobacco I would think if one could afford to smoke there should be little need of help from the food bank. I don’t smoke but hear people complain that they cost $11.50 to $13.50 a pack.

If the exodus to the West continues there will be only middle-aged and seniors left here. What a shame our young and not-so-young have to leave to be able to pay for their homes and put food on the table when Nova Scotia has so much to offer.

Irene MacDonald

RR1 Merigomish

Organizations: CBC

Geographic location: Alberta, Pictou County, Nova Scotia

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Recent comments

  • Anonymous
    February 01, 2013 - 15:54

    Seeing all this makes me so feel so glad that I left that filthy mess we call Nova Scotia. With government functioning on the basic fundamentals of communism, it is a place not fit for humans to live in. Nova Scotia being my home province isn't enough to make me proud. Although I have been away slightly less than a year, I'm proud to be where I am, where there are jobs, and living expenses can easily be met.

  • Tara Robicheau
    January 31, 2013 - 07:46

    I have to agree and am deeply offended by some of the other comments. My husband is leaving for Alberta in 2 weeks. We are not happy about the decision he had to make, but if you want the "luxuries" of the meatloaf on the table and, oh...lets say UNIVERSITY FOR MY CHILDREN this is a viable option.And please don't say I can help out. Trust me I do. I have a career, not a job and I work in 2 locations. I keep my children active and involved. This, along with daily life is not cheap, but I will not take away their activities. It keeps them focused and out of trouble.

  • watchdog
    January 28, 2013 - 15:22

    Canada ran surpluses or balanced budgets from 1995 untill 2007. Since that time over $120 billion of deficits has occured with out the year 2012.

  • Watchdog
    January 28, 2013 - 15:08

    Eddie R has some misinformation in his statement. The Harper did not inherit a deficit when they came into office, quite the opposite, there had been a number od surpluses under the prior government. The harper government ran up the lasgest yearly deficit in the history of Canada at slightly over $60 billion.

  • Eddie R.
    January 26, 2013 - 18:19

    News must be a little slower getting down to Merigomish, but Pictonians, Nova Scotians, and Maritimers have been going west since the 1800's and gold rush days to seek a better life, nothing has changed. Not everybody is content to live in a little house and have a hot meatloaf and apple pie waiting on the table for them. Peter brings hundreds of millions here, and never a word of thanks. I can tell you, I have NEVER met somebody as passionate for Pictou County, N.S and Canada as Peter is. The amount of things he, and his staff does behind the scenes for local people that the media and public never hear about is amazing. I can tell you vote red, I don't recall any letters when that party was robbing and corrupting and ruining and weakening everything with their entitled natural governing party was in power? Nor, remember them ever bringing one dime here? Nor Mr.Dexter and our local members of his party? Oh, you say the jail? the one he announced 4 years ago after cancelling the other two, and the shovel hasn't even hit the dirt yet? Who will be the first party to scream and holler we has military ships in the water? the NDP is who. God help they ever get voted into Ottawa, you can kiss Canada goodbye! It's bad enough we have to fix the unholy mess and debt the Liberals left us. You know that party that is working on crowning their 8th saviour in 9 years, the ones that backroom plot to overthrow their leader every time. But Ooooooohh, Peter scribbled on a napkin once. Give me a break already.

    • No Dumb Bunnie
      January 28, 2013 - 13:12

      i have been around this old planet for nearly eighty years and ive seen it all from mac kenzie king to stephen harper if saint peter has put billions of dollars into this neck of the woods i wonder why theres no jobs to be had and speaking of hot meat loaf and apple pie many of the men who are in the west would gladly come home to that right here in nova scotia and unless the liberal party elect some one other than justin trudeau things wont get better any time soon so bring on the hot meat loaf and apple pie and some jobs

    • Facts..are The Facts...
      January 30, 2013 - 11:27

      Wow..r u 4 real..how come we never seen it.? I dont know if you live here or not..but I do..How dare you say such untrurthfull things..we have only ever had fly by night I ndustries that stay 4 a yr or so..take our tax money..then leave..Gruu.What has he trully done for us?...We have the highest power rates in all of Cananda..the lowest min wage..unenployment rate of 9.6 percent..no transportation..voted 2 yrs in a row..the worst place to live in ..in all of Canada.....yet we continue to believe ..like people like you...that he has done so ..much for us...facts dont lie..only people do...It is plane to see..that you only vote blue...but try living here..on 14.000 a yr..then you can praise Mr.Peter Mac Kay then...This is a fact!!..But the next election will tell the truth...We have yet too see the Millions...

  • Johnny smoke
    January 26, 2013 - 10:14

    Thank you Irene for your submission, I will also take the Liberty of thanking you for Mr. Murray as I am acquainted with him and know him to be a modest person. I too am somewhat puzzled as to the happenings and going's on in this part of the province. We have here a federal cabinet minister, two provincial cabinet minister's a premier who likes to duck in and out, unannounced except for the select members of the chamber of commerce, who line up with their hands out in anticipation of more tax dollars to stuff into their kiddies and spin tales of great things yet to come, that is if you are susceptible to such fairy tales.. As you aptly pointed out and I recall mentioning it some time ago to howels of protest by the do gooders and social engineers, there is something fishy going on at the food bank, I too drive a decade old vehicle, I cannot afford a new one, but one look at the parking lot on give away day and you would think that you were in the lot of one of the car dealers in this town. I was so bold to ask one person, who as you say was awaiting their turn with a cigarette hanging from his lips as to why they used the food bank. His reply was very informative he said and I quote, "If Sobeys can fly around in jets they do not need my money" very profound don't you think, and very sad, this person was only in his early twenties, what kind of a life do you think lay ahead with such an attitude? More to the point what kind of an attitude are we cultivating by handing out and not handing up. It has not worked with the First Nations people, it will not work here either. As you say the exodus will continue by those with ambition and drive, that will leave us with the downtrodden, the old and infirm, the base of our county is eroding and our town hall is worried about what some obscure magazine thinks of this place, we should be so lucky if that is our main concern, don't you think?.

  • Loyd Murray
    January 26, 2013 - 09:32

    You are right Irene there are no jobs here.. But we still have MackaY Runing around the country geting picture ops. And telling the people what a great grovement they have in Ottawa and of great things to come not sure when they are comeing or what corner they are around so don;t hold your breath. But one thing that we can be sure of are the taxes that we payeach and every day.