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Results of the survey

What do you think should be done with Canada's Senate?

  • 73% Abolish it
  • 12% Some major reforms
  • 14% Elections for senators
  • 0% Fine the way it is

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Do you think the recently discovered skull in New Glasgow is crime-related?


Would you ever try a triathlon?


Are you dreading next month’s credit card bill?

Recent survey

How do you feel about the expected 11-week federal election campaign?

  • 11% I'm really pumped
  • 9% Kind of looking forward to it
  • 27% I'll lose interest after a few weeks
  • 53% I won't pay attention

Should more be done to save older buildings in our towns?

  • 27% Yes, a great deal
  • 17% If the public could afford it
  • 56% No, most are an eyesore

With the candidates now in place, do you know who you’ll vote for in Central Nova?

  • 34% For sure
  • 8% I think so
  • 25% Still thinking it over
  • 13% I won't know till I vote
  • 20% I won't vote

Do you know anyone who has used the Aberdeen’s mental health unit?

  • 35% One or two
  • 35% A number of people
  • 4% I've used it
  • 26% No

How much are you bothered by mosquitoes and blackflies?

  • 51% I'm a total magnet
  • 30% They often find me
  • 5% They bite, but it hardly bothers me
  • 14% They leave me alone

Should the NDP and Liberals join forces in the upcoming federal election?

  • 14% Definitely
  • 20% Not a bad idea
  • 42% No, they're too different
  • 24% No, I want the Conservatives to win

Do you think the sunken ship in the Pictou Harbour is worth investigating further?

  • 78% Definitely
  • 4% Not sure
  • 18% Waste of time

How would you rate this summer’s weather so far?

  • 4% Fantastic
  • 30% Pretty good
  • 45% Not so great
  • 21% Terrible

Will you benefit from the new child care benefits from the federal government?

  • 1% Yes, big time
  • 10% Some
  • 89% Not at all

How do you feel about the bagpipes?

  • 61% Love them, as should all Nova Scotians
  • 26% Like them in small doses
  • 0% No feelings on them
  • 13% Can't stand them