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Results of the survey

Have you ever known of someone cheating on EI benefits?

  • 39% Yes
  • 13% Heard rumours
  • 9% Had some suspicions
  • 33% No
  • 3% I've done it myself

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Did you/will you get your free bags of compost at the landfill?


What did you think of Art At Night this year?


What’s your favourite kind of flooring?


Are you dreading next month’s credit card bill?

Recent survey

Should Omar Khadr be granted bail while he appeals his war crimes conviction?

  • 20% Certainly
  • 70% No, he's a danger
  • 5% Not sure
  • 5% I don't know who that is

How do you feel about banks increasing fees?

  • 57% Extremely irate
  • 22% Kind of annoyed
  • 14% I'm switching to something with no fees
  • 1% Doesn't bother me
  • 6% Doesn't really affect me

Are you disappointed that lobster season opening will be delayed?

  • 18% Extremely
  • 12% A bit
  • 30% No, I can wait
  • 40% Won't miss them

Have you taken off your winter tires yet?

  • 36% Yes
  • 16% Next few days
  • 48% No, it keeps on snowing

Are you in favour of tolls to help get portions of 100-series highway twinned faster?

  • 39% Definitely
  • 37% No way
  • 20% Depends on cost of toll
  • 4% Not sure

Do you try to buy local?

  • 14% Yes, usually meat and/or produce
  • 2% Yes, locally made beer, wine or alcohol
  • 46% Yes, I try to buy as many local products as possible
  • 24% Once in a while if the price is right
  • 14% No

Do you know anyone working outside Nova Scotia who would like to return?

  • 53% Yes, a number of people
  • 12% One, or a couple
  • 6% Spouse or immediate family member
  • 29% No one personally

Do you prefer a tablespoon or teaspoon to eat soup?

  • 53% Tablespoon
  • 38% Teaspoon
  • 9% Either is fine

Was it right for the province to ban menthol-flavoured tobacco?

  • 17% No, it's mainly an adult product
  • 19% Yes, all flavoured tobaccos
  • 56% Ban all tobacco
  • 8% Leave it up to the industry

Are there any surprises for you in the federal budget?

  • 44% No, most of it was already discussed
  • 8% Yes, pleasant surprises
  • 22% Yes, nasty surprises
  • 26% Not paying much attention