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Results of the survey

Would you like to be in a reality TV series?

  • 2% I'd love to
  • 10% It would depend on subject
  • 1% Maybe in a supporting role
  • 85% No way

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With the candidates now in place, do you know who you’ll vote for in Central Nova?


Would you ever try a triathlon?


Are you concerned about the economic future of Nova Scotia?


Are you dreading next month’s credit card bill?

Recent survey

Do you know anyone who has used the Aberdeen’s mental health unit?

  • 35% One or two
  • 35% A number of people
  • 4% I've used it
  • 26% No

How much are you bothered by mosquitoes and blackflies?

  • 51% I'm a total magnet
  • 30% They often find me
  • 5% They bite, but it hardly bothers me
  • 14% They leave me alone

Should the NDP and Liberals join forces in the upcoming federal election?

  • 14% Definitely
  • 20% Not a bad idea
  • 42% No, they're too different
  • 24% No, I want the Conservatives to win

Do you think the sunken ship in the Pictou Harbour is worth investigating further?

  • 78% Definitely
  • 4% Not sure
  • 18% Waste of time

How would you rate this summer’s weather so far?

  • 4% Fantastic
  • 30% Pretty good
  • 45% Not so great
  • 21% Terrible

Will you benefit from the new child care benefits from the federal government?

  • 1% Yes, big time
  • 10% Some
  • 89% Not at all

How do you feel about the bagpipes?

  • 61% Love them, as should all Nova Scotians
  • 26% Like them in small doses
  • 0% No feelings on them
  • 13% Can't stand them

When you eat candies, do you eat them in a certain order according to colour?

  • 21% I save favourite for last
  • 13% I eat favourite first
  • 34% No particular order
  • 32% I don't eat much candy

Which do you like better, cats or dogs?

  • 27% Cats
  • 31% Dogs
  • 34% I like both
  • 8% I like neither

How many of the summer festivals in the county do you attend?

  • 6% As many as possible
  • 0% Quite a few
  • 2% Several
  • 27% One or two
  • 65% None usually