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By Kevin Adshade

Here's one thing I've learned about being a sports fan: you can't get too high or too low early in a season, you have to remain composed over a winning streak or a losing skid. It's a long season, whether it's baseball, hockey or hoops.

Like this Oilers fan I know was grumbling this week about the Oilers losing a few lately, and you wonder with folks like that, maybe he should take a pill. Take the Leafs... please... (seriously, is that still a classic or what?). But anyway, take the Leafs... they win a couple, they lose a couple, they win one, they lose one. No biggee. See, I'm now so emotionally unattached (somewhat) that I don't get giddy over beating Buffalo, nor do I get hopelessly depressed over losing to the Islanders. The time for depression will be later, I suspect – say, around early April and into the late spring – so it's best to enjoy these moments now because they could get worse later. Probably will, in fact.

But for God's sake, Phil Kessel, how about doing something all crazy and maybe score a goal? You're starting to remind Canadiens' fans of Scott Gomez.

*    *    *


(Hey Joe, where you goin' with that trophy in your hand?:) In the NFL playoffs that just concluded with the Baltimore Ravens beating the 49ers in the Super Bowl, Ravens' quarterback Joe Flacco went 73 for 126 for 1,140 yards when throwing the ball, tossed 11 touchdown passes and was virtually mistake-free in not throwing a single interception.

That is getting it done by any reasonable standard, and it also adds weight to my completely unscientific theory that quarterbacks named Joe (Flacco, Namath, Theismann, Montana) are more likely to win a Super Bowl than a guy named Brady or Bart (except of course for Bart Starr). You got a QB named Joe? You've got a chance for a Lombardi Trophy.

*    *    *

Just Because I Feel Like It: Former NHL referee Kerry Fraser, the guy who might have gypped the Toronto Maple Leafs out of the Stanley Cup finals in 1993 when he refused to eject Wayne Gretzky in overtime for high-sticking Doug Gilmour under the chin in Game 6 (I'm not bitter about it or anything), now has a column for, where readers send in questions related to hockey officiating. I think Fraser reads the letters in a format known as Braille, after his seeing-eye dog guides him to his computer. Or he says they weren't really letters, then later contends that maybe they really were letters, but he never read them. Whatever answer he comes up with at the time is what seems to work for Kerry Fraser.

Send in your questions to! and maybe ask him stuff like: What is Gretzky's favourite colour? What is his favourite TV show? What kind of socks does he wear?

We suspect Fraser knows these things.

*    *    *

Apparently, not many people would give the Pictou County Junior Crushers much of a chance should they meet the Truro Bearcats in the Maritime Hockey League playoffs, which are less than a month away. But the Crushers have beaten the Bearcats twice in the past few weeks (this is written prior to Thursday night's game between Pictou County and Truro), which has to be a nice little confidence boost. The Bearcats are loaded and look very dangerous, but there isn't team in the world that can't be beaten. It would be folly to think otherwise.

Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

Organizations: Oilers, Baltimore Ravens, Islanders NFL Toronto Maple Leafs Maritime Hockey League

Geographic location: Buffalo, Pictou County, Montana

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