ADSHADE: Football bring some warmth to November

Kevin Adshade
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Non-Sports Thought of the Week: Most years, the Maple Leafs are embarrassing enough for the denizens of Toronto. Not this year though – at least not yet.

The Leafs are playing well enough on most nights, so that those of us who enjoy a good laugh at the expense of Tronna have to look elsewhere… a place such as the mayor's office. Only it's really not that funny.

Oh sure, I've thrown out the "he's not addicted to crack, he's addicted to cake" line once or twice, and I felt some measure of disappointment once I discovered I wasn't the first person to notice how much Rob Ford looks like Chris Farley, the ex-Saturday Night Live comedian who died in the late-’90s in a haze of drugs and alcohol (you decide if that is in any way ironic). I don’t feel good about saying and thinking those things, so I've got that much going for me.

Ford's apology and almost-admittance to addiction issues (at the very least – he likes to party) came later than perhaps they should have. At least he stopped with the denials (sort of) and looked Torontonians in the eye (sort of), although he really didn't have a choice in the matter – you can only duck the obvious for so long.

It's not easy for an addict to face his demons, especially if they don't really want to (not saying Ford is an addict, but where's there's crack pipe smoke, there's fire), the problem is Ford doesn't really have a choice now, not if he wants to be the mayor of Toronto's largest city beyond 2014. Personally, I am rooting for him to succeed.

*    *    *

It's getting cold now, although I guess you already noticed. The leaves are disappearing off the trees at a troublesome rate, all but the most fervent of golfers have put their clubs in the closet or the garage, where they will wait for sunnier and warmer days (see you in six months), and I don't know about you, but eating supper at five-o'clock with the sun gone takes some getting used to.

What do to? Well, you could crochet or play crib, I suppose. Or if you're a fan of Canadian football, you take warm comfort in November, because CFL and university playoff football will ease us through the month.

If you've ever tried to kick a football or catch one in November, you know that a cold football hitting cold fingers is no picnic in the park (yes, I have done those things plenty of times, although not so much lately), so perhaps you can somewhat relate to the CFLers who will begin the playoff run this weekend.

It's possible the weather will be nice on Sunday in Regina and Hamilton, but if not, the players will have to adapt; like the mayor of Toronto, they have no other easy option before them.


*B.C. at Saskatchewan

These teams almost always play each other tough, there's no reason to think this game will be much different. I lean toward the Roughriders winning a close one because I am a Riders fan, and they're at home, in that order. Toss-up game.

Riders win, 27-25.


*Montreal at Hamilton

My two favourite cities in Canada, at least out of the ones I've been to. Had some good times in both towns. Never a bad one in either city, now that I think about it.

I'm a Ti-Cat booster in this one, and if they get past Montreal they'll head to Toronto to play the Argonauts. That rivalry isn't what it used to be, but it can still get nasty – wasn't it more fun in the era when players didn't move from team to team so much, and they didn't follow each other on Twitter, back when teams really hated each other's guts?

Ti-Cats, 26-20.


Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

Geographic location: Toronto, Montreal, Regina Saskatchewan Canada

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