ADSHADE: Super Bowl snowballs to inevitable end

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Super Bowl Thought: It occasionally will happen in a sporting contest between teams or individuals who are relatively close in ability: one small event can escalate, turning into a snowball that keeps rolling downhill, growing bigger and gaining momentum until there is nothing that can be done to stop it. The Super Bowl was like that.

When the first offensive snap of the game sailed over the head of Denver Broncos quarterback Peyton Manning and into the Broncos' end zone, giving the Seattle Seahawks a two-point safety, it was only a 2-0 deficit the Broncos were facing with 59:48 left in the game. Plenty of time for the Broncos to regroup. Except the snowball kept rolling, the Seahawks slowly built on their lead, with a defence that turned the Broncos from a powerful offensive force into a dink-and-dunk shadow of their former selves. 

When the Seawhawks returned the second-half kickoff for a touchdown, making it 29-0, ’Hawks, you knew it was over.

That two-point safety, though: it rattled Denver and they could not get unrattled, setting the stage for Seattle to cruise to the franchise's first-ever Super Bowl championship. It's difficult to maintain an NFL dynasty these days – with free agency and parity keeping teams closer together than they used to be (and the Seahawks are going to have to start writing fat contracts soon, or some of their stars will be walking) – but the young and talented Seahawks may be constructing one out in the Pacific northwest.

*    *    *

Winners Losers Behaving Badly: The City of Seattle felt so good about winning the Super Bowl, they turned what should have been a celebration into small riots, with a couple of shootings (is it good, or bad, when there are only a "couple" of shootings during such celebrations?); rioters throwing bottles at police officers – and small fires getting set in downtown Seattle. We're used to that happening in Vancouver, where cancelled rock concerts and Game 7 losses in the Stanley Cup final seem to turn Vancouverites into a mass of juvenile delinquents; and we're used to punks turning Detroit and Chicago into battlegrounds after those cities enjoy major sports championships, but Seattle seemed too peaceful for that, too laid-back and medicated on now-legal marijuana to resort to such depravity.

*    *    *

Blue Eagles Soar: Did you know the East Pictou Blue Eagles middle school girl's basketball team went 10-0 in county league play this year? I didn't until I read it here the other day. No one-game losing streaks, or four-game losing streaks, no losing streak of any duration against Pictou County opponents. The Blue Eagles came, saw and kicked some serious butt – 10-up and 10-down, like you'd draw it up on the chalkboard. I just love recognizing success!

*    *    *

A healthy Steve Stamkos would have made Team Canada's men's hockey team even more dangerous at the Olympics, but even though his recently mended broken leg has now officially kept him sidelined for the Olympics, Canada will still have plenty of offensive firepower when they head to Sochi. Scoring goals shouldn't be the problem, the problem may very well be goaltending.

*    *    *

Twitting: Through Twitter this week, Canadian snowboarders Sebastien Toutant and Max Parrot were both critical of American Shaun White, who pulled out of the prestigious slopestyle event (whatever "slopestyle" is) to concentrate his energies on the half-pipe, where White has captured gold medals in each of the last two Olympics. 

First off, I want to say that it is un-Canadian to trash-talk opponents before a sporting event. Second, Toutant and Parrot need reminding that they are snowboarders. They aren't hockey players, or skiers, they're just snowboarders, participating in a sport that takes 20 minutes to learn and is for people who can't go down a hill with each foot attached to an individual stick.


Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

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