ADSHADE: Rolling toward the inevitable conclusion

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Headlines and Sidelines - Kevin Adshade

It is a reasonable expectation that the Pictou County Weeks Junior 'A' Crushers finished off the Amherst Ramblers on Friday night in Game 6 of their Maritime Hockey League series.

Not just because I predicted the Crushers to win in six games (six games is always a good bet), but it's more so that in the first five games of the series, the home team won each time. I believe strongly in being due, and it is about time a home team lost a game, plus the Crushers were 10 points better than the Ramblers in the regular season, and that means something (not a whole lot much this time of year, but something). 

Conversely, if the Ramblers won Friday night, that means the Crushers will lose tonight in Game 7, and Amherst is going to ramble on and yes I went for the cliché there. So now that you've awakened on a Saturday morning – and if you care at all about this series – you already know who's done for the year, even if they won't be done until tonight.

*    *    *

Non-Sports Thought of the Week: Apparently, once you've slopped chocolate milk down the front of your favourite white T-shirt, you can kiss that piece of clothing goodbye. 

This is what I have discovered, to my dismay, so if you have any tried-and-true methods (old-home remedies, perhaps), send it in to, and if works, and I'll include it in a future column. In addition, you'll win $100 worth of groceries at this independent store I know about, located out in the great Manitoba town of Flin Flon and run by the ex-brother-in-law of this guy I know. 

He'll even take your orders over the Internet, that's how trusting this guy is. (This is all a complete fabrication, a lie one might say – you're not really going to win $100 worth of groceries, in fact you won't win anything but the ultimate respect and admiration of people who spill chocolate milk on their favourite articles of clothing. Really though, isn't that better than a hundred bucks?)

So if you know how to get chocolate milk out of a white T-shirt, let me know. If all you do is submit some hurtful comments about the Toronto Maple Leafs, you don't need to bother – we're already on the same page with that one. I won't even even read those because I have a researcher who filters out the stupid.

*    *    *

I watched the Saint Louis Billikens play (and lose) to the Louisville Cardinals during the March Madness U.S. college basketball tournament last weekend, and two things sprang to mind:

a.) What is a Billiken? (Research told me that a Billiken is a charm doll created by American art teacher and illustrator, Florence Pretz of Kansas City, Mo.)

b.) Saint Louis player Jordaire Jett has one of the best basketball names I have ever heard (neck-and-neck with World B. Free). He was also named the Atlantic Conference's player of the year, so Jordair Jett is more than just a name.

*    *    *

Can't forget to mention the upcoming 25th anniversary Albion Amateur Boxing Club card in New Glasgow. If you've never watched the local kids at one of these local fight cards, I can tell you they don't do a lot of dancing and prancing around in the ring. You will not see much in the way of rope-a-doping, just flat out "bam-bam, come back again if ya can." 

At every amateur boxing card I've ever attended, both guys and girls come out of their corner with more than enough attitude and aggression, swinging from the opening bell. They don't have a lot of time to score points – typically, these bouts are three rounds in duration – so they make hay while the sun is out. 



Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

Organizations: U.S. college, Pictou County Weeks Junior, Maritime Hockey League Toronto Maple Leafs Louisville Cardinals Saint Louis Albion Amateur Boxing Club

Geographic location: Manitoba, Flin Flon, Kansas City New Glasgow

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