ADSHADE: Battle of Mount Thom ensues

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By the time people are sitting down reading this, the Pictou County junior A Crushers and their rivals over Mount Thom - the Truro Bearcats - will be two games into their Maritime Hockey League division final series. In winning the Bent Division over the course of the regular season, the Bearcats should be favourite, although not clear-cut.

There are some similarities between the two teams: the Crushers entered the league a decade ago, the Bearcats were launched in the late 1990s. 

Both teams have won Fred Page Cups, neither franchise has missed the playoffs since joining the junior A league; both teams play in sparkling new arenas, and while their new homes don't have the old-time charm of their former buildings, we can assume the washroom facilities have been upgraded. One can hope.

Both teams don't like each other very much. If they do, they shouldn't, because this is the playoffs. But what about the communities, you ask? What are the differences and similarities? 

This isn't at all scientific, just some personal observations from the years spent living in both areas. 

Each community has a nice park; Truro has Victoria Park, while Trenton has Trenton Park. Trenton Park is nice enough, but Victoria Park is really nice. The waterfall is the winning edge, me thinks.

Both areas have lots of cars driving up and down the streets. Truronians seem to drive with more observance of the rules of the road, Pictonians - some of them - seem to unaware of the rules, and if they are, don't much care if they adhere to them.

The people of Truro seem more reserved; not unfriendly, just less outwardly friendly as people on this side of Mount Thom. Pictonians like to let their hair down and party it up (although, people on both sides of the mountain seem to be doing those things in places like Calgary and Fort MacMurray these days). The only time people in Pictou County don't seem friendly is at the grocery store, where they will cross-check, elbow, or run someone over with their shopping cart to beat them to their checkout line. It's weird.

Both communities have fine arts facilities: Truro has the Marigold Centre, which used to be a huge movieplex and Pictou has the deCoste Centre.  

Other notables:

The pizza. Pictonians who grew up eating pizza with brown sauce seem unaware that brown sauce sucks, especially the next day. Truro on the other hand has mostly normal pizza, the kind that doesn't make you wonder if you're eating bread with gravy on top.

Music. Of course there are good musicians that have come out of Colchester County, but who's kidding who? Every second house in this county has someone who can play the guitar, or sing, or play the spoons. And let's not forget George Canyon and Dave Gunning and that fellow who used to sing for INXS.

Both areas seem loyal to their federal politicians: Colchester County helped elect Bill Casey, then re-elected him in a landslide when the Stephen Harper government kicked him out of the party for having a mind of his own. Pictou County keeps re-electing Peter MacKay - no matter what - over and over and over again.

This list could have been longer and other comparisons could be made, but this is enough for now. So here's to you, Truro and Pictou, raise a glass of fine wine or bottle of cheap beer - whatever gets you through - and toast yourselves, while the puck drops and another Battle of Mount Thom ensues.


Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

Organizations: Maritime Hockey League division, Bent Division, Marigold Centre

Geographic location: Pictou County, Mount Thom, Victoria Park Trenton Park Trenton Colchester County Calgary Fort MacMurray

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