ADSHADE: Rocking NHL showdown shaping up

Kevin Adshade
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NHL Thought: Just as expected, the Montreal Canadiens and Boston Bruins are in a fierce battle in these NHL playoffs, tied 2-2 as the series shifts back to Boston for Saturday's Game 5.

 It appears the winner of that fight will face the Pittsburgh Penguins for the Eastern Conference championship (Pittsburgh had a chance to eliminate the New York Rangers on Friday night). The Penguins are playing well right now, but they're certainly beatable. The Bruins are not an easy team to put away, but if Montreal can get by them, they'll have an even shot at making it to the Stanley Cup final. And won't the Bell Centre, or whatever it is called these days, be rocking if that happens? For that matter, it already is.

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Johnny Football Comes to Cleveland: In Thursday's NFL college draft, the Browns picked up quarterback Johnny Manziel, or Johnny Football as he's known down in Texas, and hopes springs eternal in the birthplace of pro football. The Browns have been trying to get a franchise quarterback since 1999, and Manziel joins a list of former supposed QB saviours such as Tim Couch, Kelly Holcomb, Charlie Frye, Brady Quinn, Derek Anderson, Colt McCoy and Brandon Weeden (remember them? I sure do.). A guy I know, who knows some things about football but not a whole lot, called Manziel a "poor man's Jeff Garcia." I prefer to call Manziel a rich man's Doug Flutie, which would be good enough. Like Flutie, Manziel knows how to win. He just does.

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Non-Sports Thought of the Week:

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, who finally entered rehab recently, called his experience thus far "amazing." That either means that someone in the rehab facility has some killer smoke and is sharing it, or Ford is actually seeing the error of his ways.

I just believe that no amount of rehab could convince Torontonians that Ford is worthy of being their mayor going forward. It's not even the partying that makes Ford unpalatable – everyone likes to have a good time, although he takes it to a whole other level – it's his penchant for putting his big feet in his mouth too often. Substance issues aside, he's a flat-out idiot.

If I may borrow from Don Cherry: "You kids out there, take a look at this guy! That's not what you wanna be! Rob Ford doesn't have what it takes to play in the big leagues! He's a stiff, I tell ya!"

Maybe Grapes wouldn't say those things about Rob Ford, but I can imagine him saying it.

*   *   *

And Another One: Liberal leader Justin Trudeau warns potential party candidates they better not rock the red boat in any abortion debate, or else they'll be thrown overboard. (This is 2014, correct? Isn't that issue long put to rest, aside from the occasional blast of hot air from some right wing zealot? So why are we even talking about it?) Trudeau disappoints me on this – yet another political leader who doesn't want his people thinking for themselves.

*  *   *

Must say, I'm enjoying Being Mike Tyson, a reality-type TV show starring, you know, Mike Tyson. Tyson has had his share of troubles, mostly brought on by himself, but it seems he is trying to redeem himself in middle age – if you can believe what you see on television, and most of the time you can't.

Like him, hate him, all I know is, if I needed a guy to win a boxing match for me, I'd take Tyson over anybody, ever. This is impossible to prove, but if Tyson in his prime fought Muhammad Ali in his prime, sooner or later, whether it be in the first round or the tenth, Iron Mike would be unloadin' on Ali and squash him like a butterfly. Too much lights-out power in his fists. Literally.


Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

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