Race that’s not all about winning

Kevin Adshade
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The annual Joe Earle Road Races is one of the neatest sporting events held in Pictou County each year. This year marks the 50th edition of the Victoria Day races in Trenton, and it'll probably be held for many years into the future (unless for some reason New Glasgow wants the races to end. But more on that later on in this column). 

The races really aren't all about winning – although that's nice, too – it's more of a family event, a community gathering.

Scotsburn marathon runner Dave MacLennan put it well this week: 

"It's for kids under five years old to whatever age you are," MacLennan said. "It's a family day with kids running and (parents) running. People that don't run still bring their kids and cheer them on. They put on the meal afterwards and to see the kids get their trophies is always exciting for everyone to see."

*    *    *

It would be shame if the Pictou County Junior 'B' Scotians have to fold. Hopefully the newspaper article this week about the financial struggles of the Scotians will spur those who care about that hockey franchise to rise up and ensure they can ice a team next season. The Scotians don't just offer county hockey fans something to do on a Sunday night in Trenton, they also provide an opportunity for junior-age players to continue playing hockey at a high level. There's something special about the Scotians, something we need to keep around, and that little rink, when it's packed for the Scotians playoff games especially, offers an atmosphere that larger, half-empty rinks often can't.

*    *    *

Non-Sports Thought of the Week: The Town of Trenton is going to have to learn that if the people who run New Glasgow don't want you having a farmers market that may or may not compete with theirs, well, you're just going to have to shut it down, or else get shut out of any of these municipal co-operation discussions that may take place in the future. 

Oh yeah, Trenton, and close your rink, too. Because New Glasgow closed down JBM Stadium to show "leadership," and not because that with the opening of the Wellness Centre, old JBM was a money pit that no longer made sense to maintain. So if New Glasgow wants you to close the rink over in the Steeltown, well, then you'll have to do it – for New Glasgow has spoken. And Trenton park, too – get rid of it. New Glasgow has some green spaces, you see, so Trenton can't have any. 

Whoever wrote that letter to the Town of Trenton (see Thursday's edition of this newspaper) has a lot of nerve. Trenton councillor Don Hussher called the referencing of the farmers market "petty," and it is petty. It's also mean-spirited, irrelevant and flat-out ridiculous.

If New Glasgow really wants to kick-start discussion about who should spend money on what (and especially, who should spend money on "whom"), then I can think of a couple of items that should be part of the agenda. To use a phrase my Aunt Judy is fond of saying, New Glasgow "should clean up their own damn doorstep."

*    *    *

And Another One: I love animals for sure, maybe better than some people – actually, there's no maybe about it. I couldn't shoot a deer (I love deer meat when it's cooked properly, I just prefer someone else kill it), and I don't kill spiders because they're industrious little fellas and they kill insects that I wouldn't want hanging around. But pigeons? Well, I'm OK with getting rid of pigeons, which are basically rats with wings. I'd have no problem with a pigeon cull.

*    *    *

OK, now that the Montreal Canadiens have eliminated the Boston Bruins – that was a great series – I can go back to a place that feels right: rooting against the Canadiens. Although, maybe only for awhile, because if the Canadiens get past the upstart New York Rangers, I'll be cheering on the Habs in the Stanley Cup final, no matter who they play against. One thing we know: after a 21-year Cup drought, the next team that brings the Stanley Cup to Montreal will be remembered forever.


Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

Organizations: Pictou County Junior, Montreal Canadiens, Wellness Centre Boston Bruins New York Rangers

Geographic location: Trenton, New Glasgow, JBM Stadium Montreal

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