CAMERON: Family traditions build a solid base

Christopher Cameron
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Christopher Cameron

Family influences your life, whether it’s your favourite sports team, hobby or preferred meal of choice.

Looking at the Joe Earle Road Races over the weekend where it is based around families it’s hard to argue that. If some of the runners hadn’t run the event themselves as kids or teenagers they may not be on the sidelines cheering on their kids today.

When Joe started Road Races in Trenton he likely wasn’t thinking about his great-grandchildren taking part some day. He was thinking about the need in the moment and wanted to ensure he filled the void in the community.

That being the case, his great-grandchildren are now running in the event.

His family isn’t the only one that has grandchildren taking part, which shows how much family influences a young person in what they take part in. It doesn’t mean they have to choose to enjoy that, but the possibilities lean in that direction if their early experiences in life were positive.

It’s situations like this that bring the core group back each year. There are runners that will come one year and take the next off, but for a family like the LeFranks they are there year in and year out.

Outside of an event everyone also has that friend that answers, “Because my dad (or mom) liked them” when asked why they are a fan of their favourite sports team. It’s these types of relationships that help build the fan bases for sports teams around the world.

There are wanderers that will cheer for a team that isn’t supported by their parents or family, but in a large number of cases family helps to influence that decision.


Looking ahead to next week’s rugby playoffs it’s unfortunate, but it appears that the Pictou County squads will be facing each other.

The negative aspect of this comes not from the fact they have to play each other, but that they have to do so in the semifinals. It’s not a lock for the girls, but regardless of yesterday’s result in the boy’s game it was clear they would play Tuesday in New Glasgow.

With North Nova hosting provincials June 6-7 the Northumberland region has two spots, meaning the two teams that make the final will be moving forward regardless of who wins the regional banner.

Next week’s semifinal between the two teams means there is no longer a shot of having two Pictou County teams taking part, but at the same time guarantees there will be at least one.

Yesterday’s game will likely be a good indication of what to expect next week, although it could also mean both teams will be looking to learn and make adjustments before the all important semifinal round.


Christopher Cameron is the sports reporter for The News and can be reached at or on Twitter @NGNewsChris. His column runs weekly on Wednesdays.

Geographic location: Trenton, Pictou County, New Glasgow Northumberland

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