ADSHADE: Baring teeth to the opposition

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Canadian tennis players Eugenie Bouchard and Milos Raonic moved into the second week at Wimbledon with victories on Thursday, but both of them may have major hurdles in their way in the days ahead; sooner or later, Raonic will have to play either Rafael Nadal, Novak Djokovic or Roger Federer, none of whom would be an easy task for Raonic. 

Bouchard, who has two straight Grand Slam semifinal appearances under her belt in 2014, will probably need to stare down the big barrel known as Serena Williams somewhere down the line, and Williams can be dominant at Wimbledon, where she has been a champion on five occasions. Still though, it's good to see some solid Canadian players in the hunt as Wimbledon heats up.

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World Cup Random Thoughts

* Justice with Teeth: Uruguayan soccer star Luiz Suarez was suspended for nine matches on Thursday, after he bit the shoulder of an Italian opponent at the World Cup in Brazil. This isn't the first time Suarez has taken a bite out of an opponent, band it's not even the second time either, but he will miss the remainder of the World Cup, which is not only a big loss to his team, but it's a national embarrassment for Suarez himself (considering the magnitude of the World Cup, it's fair to say it's a global embarrassment). 

Apparently though, the country of Uruguay is in an uproar, so those who are aghast at FIFA's decision aren't embarrassed but instead are in a state of rage/depression/rage, no doubt helped by the fear that their World Cup title hopes just went into the ditch.  

* A few enterprising Brazilian soccer fans went out and got some wheelchairs, and pretended they were wheelchair-bound in order to get seats for their team's match last week. They were discovered when they got out of their chairs and started high-fiving each other and cheering for the home side, a true example of miracle healing if there ever was one. 

Their shenanigans may be a little bit sketchy (some would say more than a little bit), but the devilish side of me applauds them for their ingenuity. Granted, if they were so damn smart, they should have remained seated the entire game, but that's sports fandom for you: the heat of the moment can bring out the worst – and the dumb – in people.

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Non-Sports Thought of the Week: When Halifax's John Leonard MacKean was sentenced to a two-year prison term for his role in the sexual assault of a 16-year-old boy in September 2012, I first thought there must have been some kind of mistake (a typographical error in the headline perhaps, and not a judicial miscue). 

But yeah, two years was all he got, even though he assaulted a boy who had been kidnapped and assaulted for eight days in a remote cabin. One of the main perpetrators got 11 years in prison, another was found dead in northern Ontario. In terms of justice being handed out, either of those scenarios would have fit MacKean much more appropriately.

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It's good to see the Pictou County Junior Scotians have raised enough money to continue operations for the 2014-15 junior hockey season next fall. Most junior teams run on a tight budget, and without a main sponsor for the past several seasons, the Scotians had to rely heavily on a flea market that has since gone by the wayside.  

With some successful fundraising efforts the past few weeks, team organizers and the support of the community have ensured they'll be dropping the puck at Trenton rink next fall. What will happen to the Scotians in the years ahead is anybody's guess at this point, but that is true of many things, and not just junior hockey.


Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

Organizations: Pictou County Junior Scotians, FIFA

Geographic location: Wimbledon, Brazil, Uruguay Northern Ontario

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