ADSHADE: Jays still have time to fly

Kevin Adshade
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Settle down now, Jays fans, there's nothing to panic about, even if it looks like they're sliding into the tank. (It does kinda look that way though, doesn't it?)

Yeah, in some recent years the Jays have gotten off to good starts, only to come back to earth when June arrived, an affliction the old-timers called the June Swoon.

Sure, June and July saw the red-hot Blue Jays taken down a notch, watching a fairly comfortable lead in the American League East suddenly turn into a four-game deficit as Major League Baseball hit the all-star break this week. 

Some people blame the media (those could be aptly described as being the more, shall we say, conservative fans of the Blue Jays), others more astutely blame injuries, cooled-off bats and pitching that is sometimes good, sometimes not so good.

It's not time to get alarmed, there's still 66 games or so left in the season. Thing is though, Toronto can't afford to slide down the AL East for too much longer, they have to start playing better baseball and winning games with greater regularity than they have been the past six weeks or so. They have been quite average, sometimes less than average, so they'll soon need to put the brakes on that and find another direction.

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Non-Sports Thought of the Week: Just a thought about the 'Crazy Bird Lady' who was featured in The News this week (I didn't call her that and she is apparently OK with the distinction, so please, no hurtful letters): bless this woman, a lover and caretakers of animals who has 80 chickens or so around her property – among other animals – and who nursed a bird back to health recently. Still, though, I don't with agree her on one thing: I like foxes, those wily little critters who might be smarter than some people (nothing much to brag about there, I admit).  Not that she should let the fox have control of the chicken coop, but once in awhile if a chicken gets eaten by the fox, that's OK because the fox gotta eat, too. 

One time I watched a cat dart across the grass at The News office location, and I heard some thrashing around in some bushes, went over and saw the cat with a bird in its mouth. I don't think the cat was going to play with it for awhile and let it go – this cat had a look on its face that said there was mean business goin' down here. 

I felt bad for that bird, but that's what cats are wired to do, until they get fat and lazy. Cat gotta hunt and eat. But sometimes you'll come across a cat like Sandy, whom I know fairly well, who is really fat and sleeps all the time and may or may not be able to hunt anymore, if he was allowed out of the house. 

*    *    *

Little Bytes:

1.) Cleveland sports welcomed the return of prodigal son LeBron James, and have forgiven him for abandoning the NBA’s Cavaliers in 2010. One fan in his 30s, I'd guess, was on the idiot box and called it the greatest day in the history of Cleveland sports. What, he didn't know about the World Series the Indians won back in ’48, or the Cleveland Browns NFL championship of 1964? 

Okay, maybe he could have said it was the greatest day in the history of Cleveland sports in 50 years. That sounds much better.

2.) It's good to see the Winnipeg Blue Bombers back in the CFL's west division, now that Ottawa has a CFL franchise again. That's where the Bombers belong, and they were 3-0 heading into last night's game against Edmonton, who were also unbeaten three games into the season. 

Someone in the east division has to start looking like a contender, though: Toronto and Montreal were 1-2 heading into the weekend, Ottawa and Hamilton were winless. 


Kevin Adshade is a sports columnist for The News.

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