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Local sporting history will be made today when Pictou County's roller derby team - the Kickin' Vixens - host their first official home bout at Trenton rink against the Tar City Rollers, who are out of Cape Breton. 

The Vixens have won two of their first three bouts, all of them played on the road, and will be showcasing their cool-looking uniforms in Trenton today (pink and black and surprisingly tasteful, by roller derby standards, at least).

This could be a unique fan experience (I'd honestly go, but can't make it because I have this thing I have to do) and the cost is $5 for adults, free admission for children. And the Vixens hope the fans get into it.

As Voodoo McQ (Brenda Jones) said this week, "when we went to the Valley, ((the fans) hated us and were booing and screaming the whole time."

Pictou County women can have that effect on people. 

I kid.

Anyways, I am not sure if the Vixens play a brand of roller derby that is as physical as what I watched on TV when I was a little kid (tried to find something on Youtube that showed the Vixens, couldn't) but you can't be too nice when playing roller derby, I imagine, because if you are, someone on the other team is not going be as nice and will run you over, so it would be best to get them before they get you. 

Side note: Voodoo McQ as a nickname has a nice ring to it, as does D.C. Comicazi, a teammate of Voodoo McQ's on the Kickin' Vixens. 

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Non-Sports Thought of the Week: You can knock Elvis all you want, whether it be for his stage costumes (his '70s attire was particularly lame, even for that decade); his Vegas lounge act which in hindsight took some lustre away from his early career as a threatening hip-swiveller who made the preachers shout fire-and-brimstone from the pulpit, and even better for the kids, drove the parents nuts; but you can't deny that Elvis was the King, the one who started it all.

Elvis Presley died 37 years ago today, in 1977, and while others have sold more records and made more money, he will always will be the King of rock and roll (despite all those "Is Elvis Alive?" rumours, I knew for sure the moment that his daughter Lisa Marie married pop-star weirdo Michael Jackson that Elvis must be dead, because there's no way the King would let little Mikey get away with that, were he alive).

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Random Sports Thoughts: 


1. Kansas City, Here They Come

The Kansas City Royals, who since July 21 has won 18 of 22 games to surge into the AL central division lead, have to be the surprise of the season in Major League Baseball. The Royals, one of those small-market teams who are almost always out of the playoff race by mid-July, if not sooner, and always seem to be in rebuild mode, hadn't been in first place this late in the season in 13 years, and haven't been to the playoffs since they won the 1985 World Series. 

2. Forget About Baltimore 

It's probably too early to be saying this, but the Toronto Blue Jays will soon have to think not about catching the AL East-leading Baltimore Orioles, but may have to focus more on snagging a wild card spot. 

Toronto is 7.5  games behind Baltimore as of this writing - the Orioles could be caught, I suppose, but likely won't be - and while the Jays seem to be in a funk of winning a couple, then losing a couple, Baltimore keeps piling up the wins consistently. The Jays on the other hand would be out of the playoff party if the season were to end today. 

3. The people who run NASCAR were scheduled to hold a news conference Friday to discuss the tragic death of fellow racecar driver Kevin Ward. Jr. who was struck by Tony Stewart's car at a dirt track race last Saturday in New York state when Ward climbed out of his car and tried to confront Stewart, who was still racing. Whether it be heavy fines for drivers who venture near the track to vent frustrations, or suspensions, or both, NASCAR just can't sit and do nothing. 

Organizations: Kansas City Royals, Baltimore Orioles, NASCAR Major League Baseball Toronto Blue Jays

Geographic location: Trenton, Pictou County, Baltimore Kansas City Toronto New York

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