TreeGO construction delayed

Published on June 15, 2014

TRENTON – Pictou County will have to wait a little bit longer to swing through the trees.

The TreeGO aerial adventure course in Trenton Park is delayed, due to unexpected construction scheduling issues facing the owner and operator, a release from Trenton Parks and Recreation says.

“It was expected that work begun in the fall would be completed this summer. However, there are scheduling conflicts with the Quebec based TreeGO franchiser, the party responsible for the course design and construction.”

Martin Bates, park and recreation coordinator, said in an interview in January that the plan was to open in June.

They began work in October, completing the course design and approximately half of the tree trimming work.

Course materials and equipment have been delivered to the park.

The building that will house the TreeGO office, a former storage building, has been started, including the replacement of the roof, gutting of the interior and upgrades to plumbing and electrical.

“No new tentative date has been set but owner Martin Laviolette is still hoping to salvage part of this season. He has stated that he is very much committed to and looking forward to the new Trenton Park facility,” said the release from the Trenton Parks and Recreation.