New Scotian Gold store to focus on agriculture, pet, horse supplies

Published on February 28, 2016

NEW GLASGOW – Most people think of apples when they hear the name Scotian Gold, but that's not the only item the company’s new store will sell when it opens on Westville Road.

Scotian Gold is an apple growers co-operative, which also operates a country store and pet and horse supplies store in the Annapolis Valley. The New Glasgow location will sell agricultural goods and materials, as well as pet and horse supplies, and will be the first of its kind outside the valley.

“This is all new for Scotian Gold. It’s the first retail store we’ve opened up other than the home store in the Valley,” said Robert Bedard, manager of Scotian Gold’s Coldbrook location. “We’re just absolutely thrilled to be in the community here.”

Sawdust is in the air as workers complete renovations to the former Harvest Emporium store where the Scotian Gold store will be located. Bedard said it should open sometime in March.

He said the upper level will sell everything from equestrian clothing to tack, along with pet supplies and footwear, while the lower level will be the farm section, offering agricultural supplies such as electric fencing, fertilizer, hand tools and animal feed.

“There looked to be a need for these types of products in the community,” he said.

The building was originally a Proudfoots Home Hardware store with two levels, but when the Harvest Emporium was located there, the steps connecting the floors were removed. “We reinstalled the staircase to invite customers to come downstairs to shop.”

In December, Scotian Gold purchased the Pictou County Country Store, which was located at the back of the former Co-op Store, and that business will relocate to the new location.

The store is expected to employ nine people.

About Scotian Gold:

Scotian Gold’s roots trace back to 1912 when a group of fruit growers formed the United Fruits Companies of Nova Scotia. In 1957, the company was reborn as Scotian Gold, and is now a tree fruit co-operative owned by 30 apple grower members.

Scotian Gold Cooperative stores and packs 50 per cent of the apple production in Nova Scotia, and is the largest apple packing and storage operation in Eastern Canada. In addition to its 30 grower owners, an additional 25 farmers bring their fruit to Scotian Gold to pack, store and market.

In addition to whole apples, the company’s growers harvest peaches, pears and plums, with the processing department producing fresh apple slices and oranges slices for retail, institutional and food service customers.