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Pictou County Home Show attracts thousands, says promoter

Tyler Clark adjusts the display of ceramic cookware at the Pictou County Home Show on Saturday afternoon.
Tyler Clark adjusts the display of ceramic cookware at the Pictou County Home Show on Saturday afternoon.

MOUNT WILLIAM – Need stuff for the house?  

It seems people in Pictou County do, as they checked out items for the bathroom, kitchen, and deck, as well as roofing and plumbing supplies, heat pumps, sun rooms, home designers, and hot tubs, all of which were on display at the Pictou County Home Show over the weekend.

Thousands of people have been filing into the Pictou County Wellness Centre to check out the displays, Denise Miller said late Saturday afternoon.
“We won’t have a report until the end of the show, but the exhibitors are ecstatic,” said Miller, a manager with Master Promotions.

“The exhibitors have been very impressed with the number of people who have showed up. And they’re not just here kicking tires, they’re setting up appointments and doing business.”

Master Promotions is based in Saint John, N.B. and holds several of these events in the Maritimes during the month of March and into early April, when homeowners and prospective homeowners come out of hibernation after a long winter and begin to think about short and long-term upgrades for both inside and outside the house.

“This is the time of year when they start their planning. You couldn’t do these in May or June.”

She said exhibitors at a recent home show in Saint John noted, “they hadn’t seen it that busy in a decade,” which she said is a hopeful sign of economic growth.

“As a show manager, I didn’t know what to expect,” Miller said. “But it’s been fabulous, and this facility is a fantastic venue.”

A local couple checks out an RV.

The weekend wasn’t just a home show; there were also a total of 21 recreation vehicles set up inside the Pictou County Wellness Centre, ranging in price from $19,900 to around $70,000.

“There’s no hard sell here,” says Shaun McKeough, sales manager with Stone RV.

“We’re basically just helping people.”

There’s something to what McKeough is saying; there’s no need for a hard sell, not when a little compartment flips down, revealing a two-burner stove, a small flat screen TV and a small fridge for those who desire an outdoor kitchen attached to their RV. And who doesn’t want that?

Those with an eye on an RV for some camping trips need to be prepared for when the warmer, more camping-friendly weather arrives, which is one of the reasons late March is a good time to get started, McKeough explained.

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