Fibrocystic breast disease – FCB

Published on January 28, 2014


So, it’s a week before your monthly menses (period) and you notice that your breast are extremely sensitive. You also notice that the “usual” fibrous areas are a bit enlarged. You realize that breast tissue can be affected by a change in hormones so you don’t become alarmed, however, you are wishing that you could lower the sensitivity.

From this little scenario you may want to ask your health-care provider if you have fibrocystic breasts. These small cysts can be very palpable (easily felt) however you are wishing that they would get smaller.

What are some things you can do to lessen the severity of FCB? Studies have been done to prove that by reducing methylxanthines (caffeine-containing foods and beverages), that is, reducing chocolate, coffee, tea, cola, other caffeine-containing substances, then the cysts wouldn’t be as sensitive.

Make an effort to try for one month and see if your breasts are less sensitive.  Adequate iodine intake is very important as well as B vitamins. Doing a liver cleanse aids in clearing extra estrogens from the body, which is helpful in maintaining healthy breasts. Be sure to take flaxseed oil daily with food.


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