Brighten up High River, Alta. – the Sunflower Project

Published on March 31, 2014

The Sunday School children of High River United Church is brightening up High River with sunflowers this spring. Recovery in High River is moving along slowly but surely with a long road ahead. 

With another spring and its rains coming there is much anxiety. The Sunday school leaders and children have decided they would like to bring a ray of hope to each household in High River, so they have invited congregations across Canada to help make this happen. 

Inspired  by a project undertaken in New Orleans they would like to put an envelope of sunflower seeds, with a note (created by the children) of hope into every mailbox in High River. They will need approximately 4,000 packs to reach every household.

They have learned that sunflowers are great at pulling toxins out of the soil (left by the flood waters and chemicals that were mixed in and sat for weeks in parts of town).  

Pictou United Sunday School leaders and children have decided to help with this cause. If anyone would like to help brighten up High River this spring we invite you to drop off packages of sunflower seeds along with your blessings and hope to Pictou United Church, James Street, or call the church office at 485-8081 for information.