Celebrating the Betsey

Published on July 4, 2014

Lyon’s Brook has recently joined several other Pictou County communities in erecting a community heritage kiosk with its characteristic blue steel roof at the rear of the Community Hall parking lot.  The Kiosk Committee is about to undertake the second phase of the project: collecting and distilling recollections, documents, photographs, and artwork to inform the design of the kiosk’s 3 interpretive panels celebrating the history and culture of the village.  The kiosk project is a golden opportunity to gather and share the collective sense of place that links present with past to inform residents and visitors alike of what is Lyon’s Brook and how it came to be. 


The sculpture of the ship Betsey out of Philadelphia which made shore in Lyon’s Brook June 10, 1767 bringing the first permanent settlers to the area (predating the Hector) including such notables as Dr. John Harris, physician, and John Harris, surveyor, has been moved to a prominent location at the front of the Community Hall.  Together, the heritage kiosk and the Betsey monument create an historical hub in the village with future plans to establish a library / archive in the east wing of the Community Hall. 


The public is invited to submit brief text acknowledgements that will be incorporated into the borders of the interpretive panels honouring specific families, organizations, events, etc. with an accompanying donation of $100.  The first acknowledgement received honours the many 4-H leaders who have enriched the lives of our youth over the years. To date, financial support for the kiosk project has been provided through the Lyon’s Brook Strategic Plan Fund, Lyon’s Brook Women’s Institute, and the Municipality of Pictou County.


Volunteers have planted a backdrop of forsythia shrubs behind the kiosk and a border of perennials to the sides and front of the kiosk and surrounding the Betsey monument, with future plans to further enhance the site to invite one and all to enjoy their journey through history. 


Anyone having historical information or material to offer for the committee’s consideration, and anyone wishing to arrange an historical / celebratory acknowledgement, is asked to call Lynn MacLean at 485-8358 or contact LBWI@outlook.com.  Any materials offered will be scanned and promptly returned.