Joy the cat needs a home


Published on March 17, 2017



One of the things that struck me about Joy was her eyes. Bette Davis eyes. Big, beautiful, soulful peepers. Eyes that tell what an inquisitive, intelligent and loving young cat lady she is. Eyes that are two distinctive tones clearly able to let you know she is paying attention.

Tell me, is there anything more incredible than the way your cat, dog, bird… or even your friendly little Betta looks at you? There is always so much more behind the shape and colour, so much depth of all the good things you can find in life. May sound corny, but… it is true.

It is not only her eyes that stand out. Joy is a catch and a half! She is a petite multi-coloured tabby, about eight months old, and only weighs 6.7lbs.

She is a talkative one, and will always meow you a little recognition as you walk by. If you are close enough to Joy, be prepared for those head bumps telling she not only notices you, but appreciates your existence because you also like to cuddle.

Joy is an active gal who loves to play laser tag. She is also a huge fan of Temptations – any flavour. Because she is active, her love of Temptations does not fill her out. Joy is also really happy sitting and watching the world outside her window, and is really looking forward to spring. (Who isn’t?)

Who wouldn’t want to take this lovely little lady home? I bet she wouldn’t mind one bit if you sang “Bette Davis Eyes” off key while you head bumped and snuggled. (My fur crew ALL love when I sing loud and as off key as humanly possible at them!!)

If you are interested in meeting Joy, contact the Pictou SPCA. 902-396-3595

If this purrrfect young lady is not your cup of tea, she has a few friends also looking for their perfect match.

 Nikhi Cormier is an animal lover and employee of The News.