Pictou County dancers compete in Antigonish

Published on July 13, 2017

Ainslie Salter was one of the competitors at the Antigonish Highland Games and Highland Dance Competitions this past weekend.


The 153rd Antigonish Highland Games Highland Dance Competitions were held July 8 and 9 in Antigonish with several Pictou County youth competing.

Judges for the event were Loren Macklin-Post and Adele Campbell, both of Ontario, and Debbie Stevenson, Nova Scotia.  Pipers were Daniel Carr and Glenn Sinclair, both of Ontario.

Beginner 12 & Over – Kate Koch: Fling 3rd, Sword 4th.

Novice 9 & 10 – Penelope Brown: Fling 3rd, Sword 5th, Seann Truibhas 5th, Lilt 6th. 

Intermediate 10 & 11 – Lauren Hiltz: Lilt 1st.

New Scotland Open Championship

Premier 12 – Annika Murray: Fling 5th, Sword 4th, Seann Truibhas 2nd, Reel 4th, 3rd runner up.

Highland Heart Open Premiership:

Premier 14 – Ainslie Salter: Blue Bonnets 2nd, Village Maid 1st, Highland Laddie 3rd, Hornpipe 5th, 2nd runner up.