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COLUMN: Pants with holes – we used to throw them away

Kathy Golemiec
Kathy Golemiec

How was your week? Mine was not a bad week, I was so busy.

The first of the week wasn't so great, I still had the spins and couldn't sit up without wanting to be sick. Janet and Dad didn't come over, Janet's leg was still black and blue from falling down. I couldn't get to the flea market.

Finally through the week I started to get better. So Vada and I got ready to go see Mary at the campground, before we went we decided to try her new lip wax. Well they were strips and you are just suppose to put them on, tap them in place and yank them off fast. Well she didn't tell me to only put one at a time on and she forgot to say don't warm them up and don't pull them off slowly. I did all the things you weren't suppose to – oh my god if you had seen my face, it was full of pink wax. I tried wiping it off, ha, didn't work. I tried putting an ice cube on, it only made it harder and slippery. I tried face cream, still nothing, so the only thing I could think of was to take another strip and rip that wax off with the new strip. Woohoo, that worked but, oh, my face. It was so red and sore I put polysporin cream on it. Then off we went to see Mary. I will never do that again, and it didn't take the couple of hairs off but my lip was swelled up like I had it done with Botox. Not a pretty sight.

It rained all night, I love the sound of rain on a tent roof but we were in a trailer, and it doesn't have the same effect. Remember the canvas tents where the water would gather in a spot, then you would lie there and kick it with your foot, and then be in trouble for touching the canvas and making the tent leak? And remember the smell of musty canvas? Now that was camping. And you had to go outside to cook your meals on a camp stove that could blow up at any time or not start if you didn't pump it up enough. And the feel of the hard ground under you.

I remember first camping in a tent with no bottom and a big pole in the middle. It was great when we got the cots, you just hoped no snakes decided to come in. It didn't have a zipper to close it, it had strings and you tied them together, that was the door. Oh those were the days my friend… and I'm glad there gone, ha. Now it's like just going visiting, running water no water jugs, no looking for the outhouse with the flashlight. Woohoo, this is 2017 not 1964, everything is fast and convenient. One difference, a lot of people stay to themselves – they used to play horseshoes, or play cards. And you just didn't look at the water you went in it.

The next morning we got ready and off we went to Truro to visit Dad and Janet and Vada got to meet part of Kevin's new family. She was very shy and so we're they, so all the worrying was for nothing because none of the kids talked to each other anyway. Dad took Vada clothes shopping, well that was culture shock for him. He was really surprised when they even had sneakers with holes in them. One store, pants with holes in them on sale for $99. Ha, he said at one time they would be thrown away. He made it through the shopping trip. She was happy, he was poorer, all went well.

This hot weather is the time to make sure elderly people are drinking lots of water and not sitting out in the sun. They need fans on them if they get too hot. There’s a potential for heat stroke. Even I have been drinking more water, and I hate water. It's not so bad with flavouring or ice cubes.

My bladder is doing a lot better with the new pills, double strength. I got the result back from my Pap test – perfect, everything is good for another year, woohoo.

My big toe is killing me. I have to wait for an appointment to get the surgeon to cut the nail out like he did on the other toe. It's strange how such a small piece of nail can hurt so much, it's like every step it's boring into my toe. My fingernails keep braking off – I have to cut them every day.

My other tests came back great, the cancer is going down, my sternum is still acting up, The hip is rebuilding bone strength and the pain is gone. Sometimes I notice it when I walk up stairs.

Vada is going to take dancing lessons when she goes home. I started lessons starting at four years until I was 15: tap, ballet, and acrobatics. I loved it until I met boys – there went the practising, time to learn something new, ha.

Well have a great week folks… and yes, the deer are eating all our gardens.


Kathy Golemiec is undergoing cancer treatments and writes about her experiences each week.

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