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VIDEO: Pipsqueak – a Nova Scotia raccoon tale

Pipsqueak, just looking adorable.
Pipsqueak, just looking adorable.

TRURO, N.S. - Pipsqueak was lonely, hungry and frightened when he was spotted on a road in Portapique earlier this month.

It was dark outside, leaving the young raccoon with a good chance of ending up like the rest of his family, who had been hit and killed by a vehicle. When Kyna Porteous, who was on her way home from work, noticed him she stopped her car and ran after him. Not knowing she meant to help him, Pipsqueak reared up on his hind legs and hissed in an effort to scare her away. He then lost his balance and fell backwards into a ditch.

Knowing he was too young to survive on his own, Kyna ran into the ditch after him, pulling off her sweater to wrap around him. She got him back to her car, where he ran loose for a few minutes, hissing and growling, but eventually she got him into her pet carrier.

When she got home with the little animal she set the carrier in the bathroom and after giving him some time to settle down she decided to try to make friends. She got down on the floor in an effort to look small, then opened the door of the cage. Pipsqueak walked right over to her and checked out the almond milk she had for him. (Raccoons should not be given cow’s milk.) After drinking from a syringe he snuggled up and the two spent the night sleeping on the floor together.

Pipsqueak enjoying some almond milke.

The next day boiled egg was added to his diet. He made lots of mess but enjoyed the food. Luckily, Kyna had a couple of days off work so she was able to care for Pipsqueak until she could get him to Hope for Wildlife in Seaforth. As much as she would have liked to keep the adorable little fellow, she knew it was best for him to be raised with other raccoons and eventually be released into the wild. He would then be part of a group and know how to behave around his own kind. It’s also illegal to keep a raccoon in captivity without a permit.

Hope for Wildlife has young raccoons from across the Maritimes in their nursery room, and after being checked over, Pipsqueak was placed with others around the same age.

Pipsqueak with Kyna Porteous.

Being extra cautious while driving, especially when visibility is reduced, can save the lives of animals like Pipsqueak, as well as people. Sometimes killing one animal means their young will die, starving to death or being killed by vehicles or predators. These little ones deserve a chance to live. Please do what you can to give them that chance.


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