Westville Library session puts throwaway items to use

Published on March 19, 2017

Library assistant Sandria Crosby is pictured with some of the materials being used for a ‘Junk Art’ session.

©Kevin Adshade

WESTVILLE – They can be looked at as old scraps that usually would be waiting to be tossed out.

Or, with an imaginative eye, they can viewed as much more than that.

At the Westville Library on Saturday, several youngsters had the opportunity to take part in ‘Junk Art,’ where they used things we’d normally throw away or recycle and instead put their artistic talents to good use.

There was certainly no shortage of good material to start with: bottle caps, juice lids, Styrofoam trays, paper products, old straws, coffee filters and even empty tubes of bathroom tissue, all things we ordinarily might think of as, well, junk, being put to use as building blocks, so to speak, for works of art.

Sandria Crosby, a branch assistant at the library in Westville, said the kids who opted to take part in the ‘Junk Art’ session are benefiting in a few ways.

“They are learning how to use their imaginations,” she said, “and that the ordinary things we might throw away can be used to create something wonderful. The ability to create something out of junk.”

Paige Noel works on her painting of a butterfly at the Westville library on Saturday afternoon.

©Kevin Adshade

Paige Noel was about to begin putting the finishing touches on a painting of her own creation, her canvas set out on a table before her. She carefully dabbed the brush in little globs of paint she had put on a tray made of Styrofoam, carefully mixing two colours to give herself a third one.

“This is a butterfly,” the five-year-old said, as she applied tiny falling leaves to the canvas.