Trenton NSLC store closing

Published on January 16, 2013
The Trenton NSLC is closing

The Trenton Nova Scotia Liquor Coporation store is going to close permanently.

The last day the store will be open for sales is Jan. 26 although signs on the door say Jan. 27, which is a Sunday.

Terri Mosher, external commuications manager for the NSLC said there are multiple reasons why the store is closing. Primarily it’s financial though.

“Since about 2007 sales have declined about 26 per cent,” she said.

Sales in the fiscal year ending March 2007 at the store were $2.1 million, but for the fiscal year that ended March 2012, they had dropped to $1.6 million. Some years in between had dropped as low as 1.4 million, Mosher said.

The building that has housed the store since 1958 also is in need of significant renovations.

The store manager also retired in October, which made it a good time to close.

None of the four or five employees who work there will lose their jobs. Instead they’ll be transferred to other locations in town.

There are five other liquor store locations within 15 kilometres of Trenton where customers will be able to go to instead.

The building itself was owned by the Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation and once vacated will become a surplus. Any other government agency that has an interest in it will have the first opportunity to move into it. If there’s no need for it on any government level though it will be sold, Mosher said.

Until then the NSLC will continue to pay taxes on it.