Actress Kylee Evans receives BroadwayWorld nomination

Stellarton native honoured for role in Legally Blonde the musical

Published on November 27, 2013

Actress Kylee Evans walks the streets of Toronto now as an actress making her name known in various entertainment circles, but it was here in Pictou County in her hometown of Stellarton that she got her start and she’s thankful for it.

Evans makes a living mostly through appearances on TV shows and ad commercials, but it’s her work as lead actress of Legally Blonde the musical that has garnered the Stellarton native attention lately. She has been nominated for the Best Leading Actress (Musical) award for the Toronto Awards.

“It was pretty cool to be nominated,” Evans said by phone from Toronto.

The winner of those nominated will be chosen by online voting, so people here in Pictou County can lend their support to help push Evans to the top. Voting is online at

Evans got her first taste in musicals performing in the New Glasgow Music Festival.

“I just loved it. I looked forward to it every year and picking a song. I just fell in love with music theatre from that.”

After graduation she left Pictou County and has spent her time since then making her dreams a reality. Getting to this level of success hasn’t been an easy task.

“It’s so fantastic to do what you love to do, but you really have to love performing to do this. If not, you’d be miserable,” she said. “You’re always getting criticized or shut down or told no. I guess it makes the yesses mean so much.”

It’s the kind of business where only the best succeed.

“You have to be really good at what you do because there’s 500 around you who are just as good or better.”

There are not a whole lot of opportunities to do music theatre professionally in Canada she said so most actors and actresses like her usually have to diversify.

“I feel as an actor in this country you have to do everything,” she said.

She has been on TV shows recently including Life with Boys and CBC’s The Ron James Show and is auditioning all the time for different opportunities.

“My sort of dream for the next little bit would be to host a show,” she said.

Ideally she says she could see herself hosting a home show or a food network show.

For now though she’s happy doing what she is and is thankful for the opportunity to do the musical acting.

“This role in Legally Blonde was very scary for me,” she said. “I hadn’t played a role or taken on a role that large before. I was really apprehensive to do it. To feel successful after it and to have someone recognize you, it’s ultimate.”