Pictou County celebrates Take Our Kids to Work Day

Published on November 6, 2013
Perioperative and CSPD Assistant Manager Alana Toole, left, helps East Pictou Middle School student Brooke McVicar put on a sterile gown as she helps Pictou Academy student Lauren Quann at the Aberdeen Hospital Wednesday. Grade 9 students around the county participated in the annual Take Our Kids to Work Day. JOHN BRANNEN – THE NEWS

On Wednesday, Grade 9 student Reed MacDonald got to spend the day at the Aberdeen Hospital where his mother, Margie England, works as an X-ray technician.

“So far it’s been good,” said MacDonald. “I really like it.”

Along with hundreds of other Grade 9 students he took part in Take Our Kids to Work day, which occurred across the province.

According to the provincial government, almost 11,000 students from more than 109 schools invaded Nova Scotian workplaces to job-shadow a parent, friend,

relative or volunteer host on this annual exploration of the world of work.

Several Pictou County businesses, schools and institutions participated. Among these was the Aberdeen Hospital, which saw 20 students participate.

“We want the kids to be exposed to the health profession in Pictou County,” said Nancy MacConnell-Maxner, manager of interprofessional practice and education services. “There are plenty of opportunities for hands on and valuable experiences on a day like this.”

Students at the hospital first stopped by the central sterilization processing department (CSPD) to emphasize that regardless of the skill of the doctor, surgeon or nurse, clean and sterile tools are always a prerequisite.

MacConnell-Maxner noted that while this is an opportunity for greater understanding between a parent and their child, it’s also a chance to see if a career in health is in their future.

NSCC Pictou Campus Principal Dave Freckelton welcomed seven students to the school.

“It’s important for young people to get an understanding of what their parents do,” said Freckelton. ”Take Kids to Work Day is a great opportunity for youth to explore career options and understand their parents workplace culture.”

Students in the county got a tour of the campus, attended a tourism class and played in parents vs. kids volleyball game.

The national program gives students an opportunity to learn about work and to explore the link between school and careers.

According to the province, Take Our Kids to Work Day targets Grade 9 students because they are on the verge of making course choices that will affect their

future education and job opportunities. In Nova Scotia, the curriculum includes career education at this level.

Take Our Kids to Work was launched in 1994, and has been a national program since 1998.



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