Pictou County medium claims to have captured Houdini's voice

Hatfield made recording at seance in Halifax on Oct. 31

Published on December 9, 2013

Alan Hatfield, knows there will always be skeptics who doubt whether his work as a medium is real, but he’s gone the extra mile to try to give some veracity to his claim of contacting Harry Houdini in the afterlife.

Following an Oct. 31 séance in Halifax, Hatfield said he took a recording to get it verified as real and original.

Scott Ferguson, a Halifax based professional audio engineer and producer, has examined the tapes for tampering, determining that not only has the audio not been tampered with, but that these messages from spirit have a different intonation and occur at a different frequency than the voices of those present in the room at the time.

“It is my opinion that upon intent listening and frequency spectroscopic analysis, the recording is consistent with my expectations for an unaltered, original recording,” said Ferguson.

Interestingly enough, Houdini himself didn’t believe in mediums, but just before he passed away, Hatfield said Houdini promised his wife Bess that, if it was possible, he'd send a message from beyond.

On Oct. 31, Houdini enthusiasts and spiritualists from around the world gathered at the Halifax Citadel National Historic Site, to participate in the annual Houdini séance. This year it was led by Hatfield. During the séance, the only audio that was played back for all present to hear, was a 31 second clip that unusual sounds were heard as if something was being dragged across a floor.

“After the séance I still had roughly 90 minutes of tape to go through and I was very excited to hear a direct response to questions asked of Houdini,” said Hatfield.

He said that the voices from the departed are often too quiet to be heard by all present, but he records them and plays them back louder. That’s what he did the night of the séance, but didn’t have time to do it when everyone was there.

”I could not ask everyone present, including the media, to sit quietly now for another 90 minutes to review what may have or have not been captured on the audio, as impending high wind and rain warnings were forecast for that evening,” Hatfield said.

Despite having had technical difficulties with one of the tape recorders at the beginning of the séance, Hatfield had a second digital recording device rolling throughout, along with infra-red video and audio.

He claims that Houdini said: “Hey you know this is crossed over and all this Indian has to tell you here today.”

Hatfield, who is an aboriginal, said Indian is the term that would have been used to identify First Nations people back in the 1920s. The term crossed over, he said confirms that Houdini was talking form the afterlife.

Asked how he could be sure it was Houdini’s voice and not someone else’s on the recording, Hatfield said that when you call you call out by name someone in the spirit life, if there’s an answer, you know it’s the person you called.

“Nobody would come and answer for him,” he said.

Hatfield also claims to have heard a response from Houdini’s wife Bess. One of the women at the séance asked her “We always wondered why you never had kids.”

The response was: “Alan invited me.”

Hatfield explained that that meant that she’s only going to talk to him since he was the one who opened the door for her.

Since the dead don’t have vocal cords they use the audio energy in the room to communicate.

“They sort of piggy back what they want to say into our sound waves,” he claims.

He said if he was making all this up, he’d be the only one hearing the voices. The audio recording he said proves he’s not.

Capturing spirits on tape is nothing new for Hatfield, who claims to have been communicating with spirits since he was a child. In 1988 he said he was working as a truck driver when he saw a light and heard a voice say: “We have a new mission for you.”

Hatfield’s specialty is EVP — electronic voice phenomena.

”I've been to the Titanic site twice and recorded voices there and at Deadman's Island and other places through the years,” he said.

Hatfield says he will provide a transcript and recording of the voice.