Lots of mystery surrounding next Amazing Race Canada episode set in Nova Scotia

Haley Ryan - Metro Halifax

Published on September 1, 2013
A possible clue: this promotional picture for the Amazing Race Canada features a fishing boat heading into Lunenburg's harbour.

The latest episode of The Amazing Race Canada runs Monday, but a salty sea air of mystery has surrounded the details on where competitors will appear across Nova Scotia.

Peggy’s Cove, the Halifax Citadel, and Lunenburg have all been hinted as destinations through show teasers or locals spotting camera crews, but supervising producer Mark Lysakowski clammed up when discussing exact locations.

“I don’t want to say until the show airs,” Lysakowski said.

He did say the episode was filmed in May, and added the local Nova Scotians who helped behind the scenes were “amazing.”

“The locations we went to were really quite spectacular,” said Lysakowski.

“(The) province is well-represented, and I think they should take a look and see where the racers explore.”

The show pits nine teams against each other on a cross-country race in order to win a $250,000 grand prize. It is based on the popular American version launched in 2001.

A spokesperson with the Halifax Citadel couldn’t confirm whether part of the episode was filmed there, but said some locations were shot just to give an “overview” of the province.

“I don’t think there’s much I can say … You really need to watch it,” the woman said.

Darlene Grant Fiander, president of the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia, said she’s “heard a few things” but didn’t want to make assumptions.

However, she said showcasing Nova Scotia on an international stage can only help tourism and raise the province’s profile in an era of information overload.

“It’s so tough to get in front of people in a way,” Grant Fiander said. “Then there you are right in the middle of (a show)… It’s wonderful.”

Lysakowski said since Canadians are “world travelers” but don’t explore their own nation as often, the series focused on Canada’s “coast to coast” beauty has been a hit.

“It’s been a lot of fun to really show off the cool and interesting things that are within our own country,” he said.

CTV reported 3.5 million people watched the first episode in July, making it the biggest series debut in Canada.

The episode featuring Nova Scotia will air Monday at 9 p.m.