Vissers will be compensated for damage to property

Published on September 10, 2013

The Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board has ruled that Georgina Faye Visser and the late Johannes Visser will be compensated for the degradation of their property and land due to construction by the department of Transportation Infrastructure and Renewal. 

The Vissers’ property is located at 7690 Highway 4 in Sutherlands River.  The property is the Vissers’ home where they have lived since 1970 and raised their children.  The Vissers had an older Sheltie rescue dog and 4 Teacup Yorkshire Terriers. 

The construction project included a two-lane  twin road  along the TransCanada Highway 104, a bridge over these twined highways, a roundabout at each end of the bridge with four ramps entering or exiting each round-about, a re-alignment and construction of Trunk 4 connecting it to the North round-about, and a new driveway connecting the Vissers’ property to Trunk 4.  

The construction began in 2010 and during 2011 the construction occurred to the North, South and East of the Vissers’ home. 

The Vissers claim that the construction caused earth vibrations, dust, noise and light from which they have suffered: physical damage to their land, house, well and pool; business losses; personal damages for ill health; loss of use and enjoyment of their property; and the construction has left a dangerous safety hazard at the edge of their property.  In the house the damage includes cracks in the foundations, chimney, and kitchen ceiling; separation of kitchen cabinets from the ceiling; and separation of crown moldings in the family room.

The  Board retains jurisdiction to determine interest, costs and Mr. Visser's damages




Faye Visser stands with her daughter, Charity, at the foot of their driveway along Highway 4 near Sutherlands River. The Visser family wants the provincial government to purchase their home so they can move away from the busy construction site that is encroaching on their property.