Michelin gives Bursary Awards for Scholastic Excellence

Published on September 16, 2013
Pictured are the Michelin in Pictou County bursary recipients. Back row:
Patrick Fulgencio, left, Diana McLean, Joel Demetre, Joel Goodwin, Allison
Stewart. Front row: Alison Campbell, left, Jenna MacDonald, Melissa
Stewart. Missing from photo: Kathrine MacDonald and Robert Jones.

Michelin has announced the winners of its Bursary Awards for Scholastic Excellence.

"Michelin is proud to move education forward by supporting challenging
programs that fuel creativity, imagination and innovation," the press release read.

"Awards for Scholastic Excellence to our employees¹ children is one way to accomplish this goal."   This year 22 high school graduates will receive financial assistance to continue on their educational journey.