Lots of fun at Molly's Rainbows carnival

Published on September 21, 2013

The gym at North Nova Education Centre in New Glasgow was full of smiling smiles today as families showed up for the ninth annual Molly's Rainbows carnival.

NEW GLASGOW - North Nova Education Centre was filled with smiles on Saturday afternoon as families filed in for the ninth annual Carnival of Rainbows.

In past years the day of free games and food brings sees between 500 and 700 people attend. This year was no different.

“Kids talk about it for weeks afterwards,” said volunteer Claude Balesdent.

Many kids knew exactly what to do as they marched through the doors of the gym, bags in tow to fill with tickets from their games.

They had been here before.

There was no shortage of newcomers either, ready to take on the homemade games of mini-golf, bowling, plinko and more.

“When you see families come in, they’re just lighting up,” said organizer Jodi MacIvor.

It’s not just the kids coming back every year.

Claude and his wife Paula have been involved with the Molly’s Rainbows fundraiser for five years.

Paula said it’s getting bigger each time. She expects it’ll be even bigger next year for the 10th anniversary.

It went from a small gathering in a backyard to a huge event for New Glasgow.

“It’s an amazing thing … a family effort has grown into a community effort.”

Many of the volunteers aren’t asked to help. They jump in and offer their services because they care about the cause.

Some people even come in off the street and begin working the game or prize booths.

All the proceeds from donations go to the IWK and local organizations that help families and children in need.

The benefits for the community go even further than that.

It offers an affordable way for families to make lasting memories.

“You don’t have to break the bank to do it,” Claude said.

Although it is a fundraising event, that’s not the important part for MacIvor.

It’s the best way she can continue to honour her daughter’s memory. Molly died as a result of a car accident in 2004.

“I know she’s still with us.”

Molly’s legacy was evident on each and every child’s face as they enjoyed a carefree day with their families.

Although it was hectic, MacIvor had a lot of fun too.




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