TreeGo expected to continue building in April

Published on January 17, 2014

TRENTON – Walking through one of the trails of Trenton Park, it’s easy to spot marked trees, hanging ropes and limbs lying nearby.

These are the signs of TreeGo.

Before crews packed up in November due to the cold weather, they had started limbing.

They were removing branches from the lower level of trees they intended to use for the ropes course.

“There’s been a minimal amount of trees taken out,” park and recreation co-ordinator Martin Bates said.

They removed a few, Bates said, including some birch and hardwood trees.

As they use the trees for anchors between bridges and ziplines, the bottom branches are removed in order to build climbing apparatuses to reach the top.

The environmental impact is expected to be small. The aerial adventure course drew up plans in the fall for the Trenton course.

Trenton sent the plans back, asking the designers to reduce their impact, which they did significantly, Bates said.

There’s no activity at the moment, but Bates thinks they’ll return in April to continue building the course as well as fixing up a building.

Before they left, TreeGo had begun renovating a building they’ll use for their office and training.

“They’re responsible for any renovations,” Bates said.

The building, formerly used for showers at the campsite, was given a new roof.

A public meeting was held regarding the operation of TreeGo out of Trenton Park at the Rink Annex on Sept. 24.

Trenton council approved a motion on Oct. 8 to allow the company to operate, pending the final lease agreement.

Bates said the plan is to open by June.

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