Stellarton man pens sci-fi book

Published on January 3, 2014
Jim Morrison published his first book in November, an accomplishment he never imagined. 

STELLARTON – Jim Morrison couldn’t ignore writing his book any longer.
Thirty pages of an unfinished novel sat in his filing cabinet in his home in Stellarton for many years, popping up whenever he least expected it.

“Even if it was never published, I had to finish it for my own satisfaction.”

The 47-year-old never imagined in his wildest dreams that he’d be able to call himself an author.

He recalls English being his worst subject in school. He says it can serve as inspiration for anyone still in school, struggling.

“If I can write a book, they’ll have no problem.”

His science fiction story, “The Search,” tells the tale of two pilots that were called on to stop a massive alien spacecraft from destroying humanity.

Morrison has been hooked on sci-fi since he went to see Star Wars in 1977.

“At that time, there were only a few things kids could do in Pictou County,” he remembers. Children either spent all their time at the rink, playing hockey, or at the theatre.

He sat in the front row, in shock and awe.

In his opinion, the likelihood that humans are the only race in existence is extremely unlikely.

“There has to be something else out there,” he says, adding that there are billions of planets in the Universe.

He thinks humans don’t have the technology to find out for sure though.

Ideas surrounding alien races fascinate him. His imagination ran wild when he sat down to write about it.

Morrison started his book six years ago, writing 30 pages over three days.

He had been in need of a hobby, after finding himself unemployed due to Trenton Works closing down.

“I said to myself, ‘I think I’ll write a book.’”

He stopped only because he ran out of ideas. He put it away, intending to get back to it someday.

He went on to work again, becoming a technical professional in the gas and oil industry.

However, he couldn’t escape this story.

Two years later, he was looking for something in the cabinet and came across it. He put it away again.

It wasn’t until fall of 2012, after stumbling upon it again in the spring, that he sat down and started writing again.

It took about 40 days to write the 92-page book.

He wanted to keep it short to make sure it was action-filled from start to finish.

“I wanted to keep the reader excited.”