Mason Campbell testimony wraps up in murder trial of Chris Falconer

Published on January 9, 2014

PICTOU -  Testimony from Amber Kirwan's boyfriend wrapped up this morning.

Mason Campbell relayed events Thursday during his return to the witness stand that focused on the time that he started searching for her on Oct. 9th. 

Campbell said he left his home in Pictou Landing and drove around North Provost Street hoping to spot her walking.  He than drove Ian Muir home to Stellarton and circled back to the front of Dooly's in hopes of seeing her.  

When he couldn't find her, he said he thought she probably stayed with a friend and admitted the longer he looked for her, the more worried he got. 

"At that point, it's not common to be too worried about the worst that can happen. I was a little bit worried. Not like her to stay out and not tell me about it. I wasn't expecting worst at that time. "

He said he returned to his apartment between 2:40 a.m., and 3:30 a.m. but left again a while later to look for her. He turned around a short distance from his home after seeing two cabs heading towards his house, but neither pulled into his driveway. 

Campbell said he waited on his bed with three phones beside him and in the morning he called her friends and his mother to tell her that Kirwan didn't come home. 

"I started texting on her phone, contacted my mother, got really worried at that point. I told my mother what happened. My mother called the police station and hospital."

He said he also put up a Facebook post and started searching around Dooly's for her with her friends that afternoon. He said he didn't want to contact her parents right away because he didn't want to worry them. 

Campbell said the next weeks were a blur to him because he was living on lack of sleep and cigarettes. He was chasing down tips even though the police were telling him to stay out of the investigation for fear of him contaminating the scene.

He said he received a phone call from his mother to come home on Nov. 5, 2011 and she told him Kirwan's remains had been found. 

"I was numb. Everything came crashing down. It was our worst nightmare."

Under cross-examination, Taylor asked Campbell about an assault charge involving a wooden spear. Campbell said the matter was settled with a peace bond because he wanted to "turn the page on that situation".

Taylor asked him why he didn't tell police he was intoxicated the night he went to pick up Kirwan or the state of his car's inspection or insurance. He said he was focused on Kirwan and figured the information was irrelevant. 

The defence also asked about police seizing Campbell's Ford Focus  and the contents inside of it.  Campbell said he knew there was clothing, a small shovel and duct tape inside his car. He said the shovel was part of a roadside kit. 

Campbell told the defence and Crown many times he had difficulty "recalling" some of the exact details of 2011 because he was exhausted at the time.

The day's second witness was Nathan Goodall who lives in Heathbell Road with Lisa Williams. 

He worked with Campbell at Michelin and found out two days later at work that it was his girlfriend missing.  He said his girlfriend, Lisa Williams, was upset over the news. 

"Through the week, we wanted to do whatever we could. I went to work one day and came home and it was bothering Lisa that she saw a car on the field access road," he said. 

She walked down the road and he followed a while later with the baby. As they were about to leave, she stepped around a tree and bent down to pick up a piece of material on the ground. 

He said it was a small pair of pants or leggings, but the size of them didn't belong to anyone he knew in the area. When they looked around a little more, they found earrings and tire tracks.  He testified that the pants were on the ground between a tree and rock while the feather earrings were in a tree. 

Goodall said they returned to their home and looked up a photo of Kirwan online to see what she was wearing that night. They called the police a short time later. 

After police left the area, he asked if he could continue to search the area and was granted permission with the condition that he call if he found anything. 

In their search, he walked up a logging road off Heathbell Road and found disturbed, swampy area.  He said they looked at it and dug with hands, found big rocks and roots. It just looked like turned up ground.  Dug with shovel and nothing, more roots and rocks and we left. 

He said RCMP were at the end of the access road about two weeks after he found the clothing. 

Goodall said he knew Chris Falconer as a child and Scott Falconer lives in the area. 

The court breaks for afternoon recess.