DSME Trenton hiring as it prepares for new project

Published on February 28, 2014

TRENTON – A local manufacturing company is finishing up a project for the gas industry before it moves on to wind power.

Scott Covey, communications manager for DSME Trenton, said about 70 employees have been busy this winter building six large pressure vessels for the oil and gas industry in Atlantic Canada while preparing the plant for construction of 34 new towers for South Canoe Wind Project. Production on his project is expected to begin in early March.

He said during the past six weeks, DSME Trenton has recalled and hired a number of new employees and is working to have everyone safely trained and orientated before the arrival of steel in the coming weeks.

Although this project has yet to begin, the manpower needed to prepare the facility has grown and is currently at 95, with more skilled employees returning to work weekly, Covey said. At full production in mid-May, DSME Trenton plans to have in the vicinity of 200 employed at its facility.

He added that 2014 is beginning in a positive fashion and the sales and marketing team is continuing to work hard to secure a number of other orders throughout North America.

The company’s vision is to be a world leading heavy steel fabricator right here in Pictou County, he said.