Stellarton councillor says no vote took place to limit police choices

Published on March 11, 2014
Stellarton Police

Stellarton Councillor George Megeney believes the Police Review Board decided in camera to narrow the town’s policing options to two instead of four.

He stated that the two top choices picked had been to stick with their own police force or join with Westville. He then organized a meeting between the mayors of Stellarton and Westville and the Town Clerk and the CAO of each respectively.

But Denise Taylor said no such decision was every made and other councilors backed up her view. She said they had talked about what they thought at the present moment but said that several councilors including herself said they could not make a decision at the time because they didn’t have all the information.

She requested a letter be sent to all those who had submitted proposals for policing the town of Stellarton and inform them that all options were still being looked at.

Megeney who chairs the police review board which has been tasked with investigating what option the town of Stellarton should go with for policing in the future, said he’d call a meeting of the group to get a consensus of what really happened in the meeting.

Later in the council meeting Monday night, Taylor requested that the town start taking minutes in the in camera meetings to prevent situations like what happened at the police review meeting. She cited the ombudsman as saying that that was the town should be doing.

Town solicitor Hector MacIsaac was quick to disagree, saying that the municipal government act clearly states that detailed minutes shouldn’t be taken during in camera meetings. The only details that should be recorded are who was there, what the topic and the time.

He said taking minutes is a good way to get sued.

“Don’t do it. Don’t care what the ombudsman says. He’s wrong.”