Brian Mulroney to speak at political dinner in Pictou County

Published on March 30, 2014
Senator Tom McInnis is one of the members of the planning committee working on a political fundraising dinner that will bring Brian Mulroney to Pictou County in less than two weeks. 

NEW GLASGOW – A planning committee was going over the final details on Saturday for an upcoming Conservative fundraising dinner that’s bringing former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney to town.

The visit comes 30 years after Mulroney became Prime Minister, made possible by Elmer MacKay in 1983 when he gave up his Central Nova seat to ensure Mulroney would be able to run in a by-election after becoming party leader.

“He’s got quite a legacy here,” Senator Tom McInnis for Sheet Harbour said during a meeting at Rose Shaw’s New Glasgow home.

He listed the Confederation Bridge, the free trade agreement with the United States and the Pictou shipyards as things Mulroney helped with that benefited the Maritimes.

Mulroney was sworn in as Prime Minister in 1984 in his home riding in Quebec, and stayed in office until 1993.

The dinner is also meant to honour Peter MacKay.

McInnis said MacKay has done a lot for this area, listing recent roundtables in areas that will soon be part of the Central Nova riding as an example.

He said it’s part of MacKay’s efforts to get to know people and the issues that concern them.

“He’s touched every corner of Central Nova.” 

They’re expecting to attract people from across the country for the April 11 dinner at the Nova Scotia Community College Pictou campus, and are hoping to have up to 300 people attend.

McInnis said that while the $300 ticket may seem steep, it’s part of the process.

“That’s the price of democracy. No longer can you have corporate cheques. We changed that … that you can’t write a corporate cheque for good reason. It’s individual personal cheques. That’s raw democracy,” he said.

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