Heritage Gas plans to extend pipeline

Published on April 15, 2014
Heritage Gas plans to extend pipeline

Heritage Gas made a presentation at New Glasgow town council on April 14 to update the development of their pipeline extension.

Michel Sarrouy, vice president of engineering and construction for Heritage Gas, said the pipeline will be extended through Pictou County in New Glasgow and Stellarton.

“We’re continuing to work on the plans.”

Heritage gas is still working with the towns on a Municipal Operating Access Agreement, which is hoped to be approved by June so construction can start.

“We would like to construct in June 2014, and have gas flowing, at this point, we’re saying October would be our target date.”

Heritage Gas plans to submit an application to the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board to receive construction permits.

“All of this is happening as we speak, and our hope is to be able to construct in June 2014. At this point, it’s still a plan; we’re still fine tuning some of the last commitments and paper work.”

Once the plans are confirmed, Heritage Gas will be able to start construction with permits, Sarrouy said.

Heritage Gas will also be offering natural gas pipelines to residential or small business clients.

Sarrouy said there could potentially be up to 600 customers hook up to natural gas. He said customers don’t have to necessarily connect immediately, but it will be available to those who want to connect, now or later.

“We plan to continue expanding this initial expansion. The total market, which will be New Glasgow, Stellarton, is a potential of 7,600 customers. Typically, we grow up as the market demands growth, so we’re responding to the demand of potential customers.”

He said although natural gas has been in Canada for many decades, Nova Scotia is relatively new to the scene.

“We, by comparison, are a fairly small player.”

The delivery of natural gas to the county was approved this past summer and allows the construction of a 20.5-kilometre high-pressure steel natural gas pipeline to distribute natural gas to Northern Pulp and other potential clients.