Acropole New Glasgow named best pizza in Pictou County

Published on April 27, 2014

We’ve all wondered it, and it has been highly contested for years – who has the best pizza in Pictou County?

Well, the official winner of the prestigious title and bragging rights for the next year is Acropole in New Glasgow.

“We were surprised,” said Rhonda Cougias, of Acropole.

After a night of feasting and beer the full house cheered the pizza place on as some employees graciously accepted the award. The best pizza award was decided by a panel of judges who indulged on the pizza as the crowd watched.

“It was a really good fundraiser,” said Cougias, still a little flustered by the big win.

The Pictou County Rotary Club International held the Pictou County best of pizza awards.

The Peoples choice award of the night went to Café Italia.

“We were happy to win the peoples choice, that’s the one we wanted,” said Jeff Gillin, the owner of Café Italia. “For the public to vote us, that was the main vote.”

Café Italia plans to be back next year as well, to defend their people’s choice title.

The whole idea for the fundraiser, which brought in around 250 people, was credited to Carlton Munroe. The Rotary Club of New Glasgow is planning to hold the event next year, making it bigger and better.

“We need to look at some of the logistics,” said Doug Logan, a member of the committee who helped organize the event.

For the most part he credits some of the logistic changes that will have to be made as small things, like beer lineups. Other new changes next year may be things such as having more vendors, including a female judge and adding new categories.

“The problem we’re going to have, is to sift through all the amazing ideas that we now have,” said Logan.