New Glasgow Music Festival Results

Published on April 28, 2014

Briana Sangster, Kaylee VanVulpen, and Emily Willison of New Glasgow Junior High School performed Erie Canal in the Beginner Trumpet Ensemble class at the New Glasgow Music Festival on Friday at Trinity United Church. The girls received a gold for their efforts.

Traditional Folk Song Solo 15 and 16
Nicolas Higgs – 1st

Traditional Folk Song Solo 15 and 16

Nicolas Higgs – 1st

Regan Keay – 2nd

Rachel MacIvor – 3rd


Contemporary Folk Song 16 and 17

Kaelan Schmidt – 1st

Carleigh Halliday – 2nd

Meaghan Kettley – 3rd


Traditional Folk Song 17 and 18

Julie Munro – 1st


Contemporary Folk Song Solo 17 and 18

Sheumais MacLeod – 1st

Sarah English – 2nd

Laycie Sutherland – 3rd


Traditional Folk Song Solo Open

Jennifer Johnson – 1st


String Scottish Solo Elementary

Taylor Austin – 1st

Brennan Dalton, Kierstan Cahoon, Willem Fraser – 2nd


Strings Scottish Solo, Junior

Hannah Fraser – 1st

Klorissa Farnsworth – 2nd


Classical Guitar Solo, Elementary

Hannah MacLeod – 1st


Strings Unaccompanied, Senior

Allison Stewart (Viola)- 1st


String Sonata, Intermediate

Luke Henderson -1st


String Sonata Junior

Hannah Fraser- 1st


String Canadian Solo, 10 year and under

Amelia Parker – 1st

Willem Fraser – 2nd


School Ukulele

A.G. Baillie Ukulele Group – Gold


String School Ensemble, Elementary, Beginner

A.G. Baillie Fiddlers-Beginner – Bronze


String School Ensemble, Elementary Intermediate

Brown Street Fiddlers, A.G. Baillie Fiddlers – Bronze


String Canadian Solo, 12 year and under

Hannah Fraser – 1st

Chantelle Ramsey – 2nd


String Canadian Solo, 14 year and under

Mark Atwood – 1st


String Concerto, Open

Allison Stewart – 1st


String Concert Group, Open

Allison Stewart – 1st


Traditional Folk Songs Solo, 13 and 14 years

Nicole Ross – 1st

Victoria Straub – 2nd

Ben Coleman, Miranda Goodman – 3rd


Contemporary Folk Song Solo

Jesse Hemmings - 1st

Madelyn Vassen – 2nd

Camryn Halliday – 3rd


Brass Solo, Junior

Annette Diao – 1st

Madison Spurr – 2nd

Victoria Straub – 3rd


Woodwind Ensemble, Beginners

NGJHS Beginners Flute Ensemble – Gold

NGJHS Beginners Clarinet Ensemble – Silver

NGJHS Beginners Woodwind Ensemble – Silver


Brass Duet Beginners

Lydia Tobin and Klorissa Farnsworth – Silver


Brass Sonata, Senior

Nathaniel Jenkins – 1st

Brass Duet Intermediate

Nicole Corkum and Luke Henderson – 1st

Hannah Green and Jamie McCarron – 2nd


Woodwind Solo, Intermediate

Morgan Baillie – 1st

Samuel McCormick – 2nd

Katia Outerlays – 3rd


Brass Solo, Senior

Nathaniel Jenkins – 1st


Brass Ensemble, Intermediate

NNEC Brass Quintet – Gold

NNEC Brass Quintet-Sextet – Silver

NNEC Trombone Quartet – Silver


Woodwind Ensemble, Intermediate

NNEC Flute Ensemble – Gold

NNEC Clarinet Ensemble – Silver

NNEC Saxophone Ensemble – Silver


Woodwind Ensemble, Junior

NGJHS Flute Ensemble – Gold

NGJHS Clarinet Trio – Gold


Brass Ensemble Beginner

NGJHS Beg. Trumpet Ensemble – Gold

NGJHS Beg. Brass Ensemble – Silver

NGJHS Beg. Low Brass Ensemble – Silver


Woodwind Duet Beginner

Camryn Halliday/Sarah MacNeil – 1st

Victoria Dunn/Kalyn Pye – 2nd

Alex Freeman/Emma Diamond – 3rd


Brass Solo, Beginner

Caroline Mahoney – 1st

Caleb Wilson – 2nd